The production of the Guttenberg Bible

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I had hoped to Penn a lot more time on the wick and getting to know my team members but unfortunately I had not planned enough time. I will strive to do much better on the tama. As I was late in starting this task there were already details added to the wick by Caroline. I thought it best if I wrote about some of the points Caroline had missed out on rather than repeating what had been said which made it easier to combine the information as one wick. I added around 155 words to the wick focusing more on the production of the Guttenberg Bible and it’s selling prospects under the authority headline, though did a little of the description o.

After beginning to edit I noticed there had been another full wick uploaded by a fellow team member. I have to admit that this confused me immensely as there was now two wick’s and all the information on both appeared the same therefore I could not find a way to combine both suitably as I did not feel I had the right to make that decision alone, I instead proof read and edited some of the original wick information while I attempted to find an answer. Another reason found it hard to attempt to combine both of them is I did not want to offend anyone by changing too much of their work or deleting most of it.

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I did ask my team members on how best to handle this but did not receive an answer back in the time I had made to edit the wick, therefore it appeared to remain untouched until the end of the task. I have learned that I need to plan a lot more time to spend on the wick tama. My biggest learning curve on this assignment preparation task has definitely been working as a team. I am mostly use to doing things on my own therefore it did not occur to me to work too closely with others at times. Have learned that in order to do this task in the future I will need to work closer with my team, as do others.

Overall I am glad I have taken part in the assignment preparation task as I now have a clearer idea of what to expect in the real assignment wick.

Part 2

Using the list of questions that you worked through for Chapter 3 when you compared Aggravation’s Supper of Museums with Titan’s treatment of the same subject (Book 2, p. 1 15), write up to 500 words analyzing another painting in the National Gallery’s ’30 highlight paintings’, Leonardo dad Vine’s The Virgin of the Rocks (1491/2-9 and 1506-8): Introduction In this essay I will attempt to analyses the painting The Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo dad Vinci. I will do this by looking at its format, colors and overall effect amongst other details. Essay In this painting Leonardo dad Vinci appears to use a vertical format.

Completed using linear brushwork, the painting shows a group of four figures, baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist and an Angel. All of the figures seem calm and while John the Baptist holds his hands up in prayer, baby Jesus looks to be pointing upwards, possibly to the heavenly skies. The Virgin Mary has one hand protectively around John the Baptist while reaching her other hand toward

Jesus, as if to bless him on the head. The Angel is composed just behind Jesus as though looking intently at this beautifully calming scene rather than being immediately part of it. The background setting appears as rocky caves with small openings behind the figures where views of a blue sky and a river can be seen, also more rocks which appear to be a lot further away in the background. The composition between Virgin Mary, Jesus and John seems almost triangular (deliberativeness. Org, 2013) shown from the way in which the Virgin Mary protectively has her arms reach around John and toward baby Jesus.

When viewing this painting I am immediately drawn to the Virgin Mary as the primary focal point, she is illuminating and inviting while sitting slightly above the rest of these figures. Leonardo dad Vinci has created the illusion of space in the way he has scaled everything in this painting. The figures of the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, John the Baptist and the angel appear quite large in scale, as do the rocks that primarily surround them. The gaps in the rocks create the illusion of more space as a partial river or ocean can be seen in the background (upper left hand did). In this same space we can see what appears to be another rocky island.

Dad Vine’s scale of this is smaller than the primary rocks or figures to create the illusion distance. The color range in this painting is quite narrow. Using mostly shades of browns for the rocks and plants appear to live on them. The shades of blue used for the river and clothing against the shades of browns used for the rocks and plants make this visually catching to the eye and draws the viewer into this peaceful scene. The painting seems to depict a sunny day and the light resource appears from behind John the Baptist and floods over the other figures, especially in the facial region as if to bless the holy figures in the light of god.

Expect this painting will have a different effect on every individual that views this piece. I observed this painting as being from the religious and historical genres as it portrays the figures of biblical characters Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, John Baptist and a heavenly Angel. To me this particular scene painted gives a calm and serene effect. This is probably because this composition seems very sacred ND blessed, especially with the flowing river in the background. This artwork by Leonardo dad Vinci is a spectacularly beautiful religious scene and can definitely be described as being part of the artist canon. University, 2014)

Write up to 500 words discussing the ways in which The Virgin of the Rocks can be related to the Book 2 theme of authority. There are two versions of Virgin of the Rocks painted by Leonardo. The original Virgin of the Rocks was commissioned by the Melamine Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception for their oratory in San Francesco in 1480. (deliberativeness. Rag, 2013) This painting by Dad Vinci was to become part of a three piece altar which would include a further two paintings of Angels (an Angel in green with a Viable and an Angel in red with a Lute).

These would be used as the side panels for this altar by artists influenced by Dad Vine’s work. Although there is no entire certainty of whom painted the side panels for the altar they are thought to have possibly been the works of Francesco Napoleon and Imbroglio De Précis. (Unknown, 2015) After a dispute over the financial commission of the first painting of the two Virgin of the Rocks nettings it was sold to a private client (Unknown, 2015). It is believed this version now hangs in the Louvre museum although there is dispute over the dates this was created, it could really be the second of the two created by Dad Vinci. deliberativeness. Org, 2013) The version I have studied in this essay hangs at the National Gallery in London presently, and is known to be the second version commissioned by the Melamine Confraternity (Unknown, 2015). This version would eventually join the two Angel paintings in 1508 (Unknown, 2015) although it was partially unfinished. Leonardo dad Vinci is known as one of the finest painters of the Renaissance era in western art. His paintings were commissioned for religious buildings and extremely rich clients proving him to be a vastly important and talented artist.

This painting is clearly of the Religious and historic genres (University, 2014) which was expected from great artists of the time (15th and 16th Century). Scenes of religious or historic importance were always vastly popular to paint until just over a century ago (Museum, 2009). Because of Dad Vine’s creation of such works and his crisp linear techniques used, he has come an important part of the canon of western art and is viewed as one of the most talented artists of all time.

Conclusion Over the essay we have discovered just how important this piece of art really is to the Western Canon of Art. The painting comes under not just one of the most important genres of art known but two (historical and religious). (University, 2014) Not only is the painting important but it is also Leonardo dad Vinci himself, being one of the most famous and talented artists of all time that contribute to the authority and also the canon. This painting is a prime example of what makes piece important enough to become a fixture in the Western Canon of Art.

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