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‘The Road to York through Siedmere’ 1997- David Hockney

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The name of the artist that produced this painting is David Hockney. This painting is called ‘The Road to York through Sledmere’ It was made in 1997 and the media used is oil on canvas. In this painting both primary and secondary colours are used. The primary colours come from the blues in the painting and the secondary colours come from the greens and oranges. These colours give the painting a bright and exciting mood. A lot of tone is used in this painting, you can see these different tones on the buildings, plus, you can see that the tones create a 3D image on a 2D surface.

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‘The Road to York through Siedmere’ 1997- David Hockney
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Which it also has strong forms. There are also many textures that Hockney has used.

For example, on the bushes, it seems like branches are sticking out at the top of the bushes. You can also see textures on top of some of the roofs, which give it a realistic feeling. This is all made by specific brush marks that Hockney has used. The lines are also used strongly to bring out specific images, example, buildings are bought out strongly with the lines. Hockney has used a perspective due to the further the image the smaller the images get; and closer the images are, the bigger they get.

For example, the buildings are getting smaller further away and also there is less detail at the further away than close up. David Hockney has used mainly thick brush strokes; however, he has also used some thin marks to make textures. There is also swirly brush marks used, therefore Hockney has used many different brush marks to create different effects. Hockney’s work has always been distinctive and versatile, whether through his realistic and serious portraits or his exotic landscapes. He has established a clean and flat style of simple compositions in clear bright colours

Watching a short film on the making of “The Road to York through Sledmere” Hockney explained that the idea of this painting came to him when he kept driving through the village on his way to Bradford to visit a friend. Hockney was also influenced by Picasso in this painting, for his vibrant style and colour. Hockney was definitely trying to exaggerate this mostly by the colours in a realistic life image of the village. David Hockney has a very interesting style and techniques he uses. I adore his work, mainly because it contains bright colours and also because he shows a realistic image in a simple form.

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