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The Roswell Incident

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The Roswell Incident

The incident in Roswell New, Mexico is probably one of the most controversial UFO

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The Roswell Incident
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occurences in history. In 1947 something happened that would forever change our thoughts

on extra-terrestials and opens our minds to the idea that we are not alone. On one

thunderous night an alien aircraft entered our airspace and crashed onto earth.

On June 24th 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a saucer shaped disk flying

through the air near Mt. Rainier Washingon at very high speeds.

Soon reports poured in from

all across the country as people had reported seeing the same saucer shaped disks. The

country begin to entertain the idea of something like this happening. One night after a

massive thunderstorm William “Mac” Brazel went outside on his ranch to check

his sheep when he notice debris covering as far as he could see. Brazel then began

examining the material that fell onto his ranch. It was like nothing he had ever seen before.

Close to a week later Brazel finally reported his finding to his local sheriff who came by,

examined the debris and notified the nearby Roswell Army base.

The debris was transported by Maj. Jesse Marce and he desribes it as very odd metal,

sticks and bands. He stated the metal looked like tin foil it was said to be unlike

anything every before seen. This metal was bendable yet unbreakable and would return to

its original shape.Even a 16 pound sledge hammer uses by Maj. Marcel couldn’t break it.

On July 8th the Roswell Daily Record’s headline story revealed that the wreckage of a

flying saucer had been recovered from a ranch in the area. Colonel William Blanchard,

Commander of the 509th Bomb Group, issued a press release stating that at noon on July

8, 1947, the field has come into possession of a flying saucer. A second press release came

about 2 hours after the.

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