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What’s Your Pet Peeve?




Pet Peeve

Words: 541 (3 pages)

Everyone in life finds certain things that are extremely irritating. Sometimes they are things that aren’t that big of an issue to others, however it raises your blood pressure in an instant. My biggest pet peeve is when I have to wait at the doctor’s office forever. It’s so irritating and it happens every single…

Software Developing

Pet Peeve

Words: 2392 (10 pages)

For as far as we know, humans have been drawn towards perfection, towards what it seems as unknown or unreachable considering our hunger for the uncharted. Every day our lives change in an accelerated pace and with that being said we understand that everything around us shall adapt or even pass our capabilities as homo…

About my day: “Saved by the Bell”

Pet Peeve

Words: 821 (4 pages)

The school bell rang and I rushed to put my books back inside the lump of junk below my seat. I squished back my belly to slide through my desk and I jumped up to give me a boost out of my seat without falling over. My phone clattered to the ground, I was pretty…

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How do you write a pet peeve speech?
DON'T begin with "MY PET PEEVE IS" or end with "IN CONCLUSION." Find a more original way to open and close your speech. DO communicate your ANGER or IRRITATION when you speak. You can't talk about something that makes you mad without sounding mad! Use volume and emphasis to get your point across!
Is waiting a pet peeve?
As defined by a pet peeve is, something that annoys or bothers a person very much. ... Waiting is a very broad pet peeve but, here's some examples to explain my kind of pet peeve.
What are pet peeves examples?
There are all kinds of pet peeves, like littering, misusing punctuation, driving slowly in the fast lane, or talking during movies. If something like that drives you crazy and you have to yap about it, it's a pet peeve. Pet peeves tend to be smaller issues. No one would call terrorism a pet peeve.

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