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Sexual Oppression in a Handmaid’s Tale


Words: 1038 (5 pages)

Oppression, by definition, refers to an authoritarian system that controls its citizens by denying certain individuals purposeful human rights. It’s a type of injustice that prevents people from being equal. Sexual oppression of women has continuously been one of the most crippling forms of oppression seen throughout humanity. In many societies around the world, women…

Challenging Oppression in Societies


Words: 936 (4 pages)

We should all be feminists explores the struggle against patriarchy as an essential part of the class struggle of oppression and inequality. The narrative does this by capturing the narrator’s personal experiences in patriarchal social spaces of entertainment, homes, and workplaces. Adichie uses different literary devices such as rhetorical questions, rhetorical ethos, pathos, and logos…

What Causes Women’s Oppression


Words: 1430 (6 pages)

Throughout the years females have undergone tremendous amounts of oppression. From their limited roles in society, to the confinements at home, women were seen nothing more than the lesser sex. Compared to males we were the inferior gender, in terms of knowledge, physicality, and stature. The question is, why? What logical reason would make sense…

The New Age of Oppression


Words: 2605 (11 pages)

On April 30, 2014, Dontre Hamilton was fatally shot by a police officer for being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The officer was not charged. On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was put in an illegal chokehold by a police officer for selling loose cigarettes. The officer was not charged for the murder of Eric Garner….

Women Under Absolute Patriarchy and Oppression in “Handmaid’s Tale”


Words: 1612 (7 pages)

Margaret Atwood’s novel is a fiction that depicts the power of women in resisting oppression and domination in an extremely patriarchal society. Despite the odds against women, they show resilience and will to end the Christian theocracy that has commoditized women. The handmaid’s tale is the life journey of handmaid called Offred. The story takes…

Research on Bob Marley




Words: 1881 (8 pages)

Coming from the Jamaican Rude boy culture, Rob Nester Marley remains the favorite reggae artist of all time. Even after his death at the age of 36, Bob Marley still continue to touch the hearts of many generations including those who were born after his death. His message of truth to power touched on the…

Wearing a Uniform of Oppression


Words: 722 (3 pages)

Wearing a Uniform of Oppression Having lived my whole life by the teachings of the Islamic faith, I understand the appreciations and values associated with the Hijab. However, also living in Canada, a pro-western society, I also see how some might see it as an oppression set upon Muslim women; objectively isolating them from the…

Thesis Driven Analysis




Words: 1145 (5 pages)

After Abraham Lincoln assigned the Emancipation Proclamation, the African Americans were finally freed of struggling from slavery. However, they are continued to be mistreated by the white peoples. In the article of “Three Ways of Meeting Oppression,” Martin Luther King writes to enlighten the African Americans to fight against “oppression” in a “non-violent” way (202)….

Impact of Cultural Upbringing on Oppression and Equality


Words: 888 (4 pages)

“No one else is free while others are oppressed”, states Martin L. King. It is an essential claim that women are oppressed. What is oppression? Oppression is the subjugation by one group to another group. By being oppressed you are being denied your human right to be an equal. Equality should not be an unattainable…

Corset: Instrument of Oppression or Power


Words: 1850 (8 pages)

The Corset: Instrument of Oppression or Power “I must tell you something of significance. Fashion is always of the time in which you live. It is not something standing alone. The problem of fashion in 1925 was different. Women were just beginning to go to work in offices. I inspired the cutting of the hair…

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