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This Wonderful House

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What a house! This is an awesome relaxing place to hang out. There is always plenty of food. The very unique recognizable smell of the ranch lifestyle, mostly the different animals . The gorgeous view of the mountain and the extraordinary land that surround this house. This are a few of the many reasons that this house is a great place where you can go to and forgot the 8-5 routine.

Walking into this house you can smell the warm freshly baked homemade bread.

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This Wonderful House
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Beans are a must in this household, plenty of times you will see the clay pot on the outside stove with the hot boiling water and the steam coming out of the almost cooked beans and the savory smell just makes you so hungry, you can taste them. During the short months of winter the fireplace sparks with the blue and red hot fire. This is just the inside, outside there is much more to enjoy.

On five acres of land you will find horses, pigs, cows, chickens , goats, dogs, and a couple cats.

You will find yourself looking around with excitement like a kid at a carnival to see what animal to go visit first. The cows asking for food as they see you walking towards them, they are fast to get up and expect some alfalfa. It sure is a pigsty when you walk around the corner with that awful pig smell and the messy look of the mud where the pigs like to roll around in. Before you know it after enjoying all the petting zoo, its time for the sun to go down.

As you walk around the land feeling the fresh breeze and breathing in the clean air, the sun ready to hide behind the mountains and make a beautiful picture of a red, orange sky. The brilliancy of the stars could almost be touched, and they light up the streets as if Christmas was here. Its so quiet and peaceful you want to rewind time and start this day all over. This Magnificent lifestyle is not for everyone and if you have never experience it.

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