Tiger Woods’ Impact on Society

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The article discusses Tiger Woods as more than just a great golfer, but also as a person who has had a significant impact on golf and society. He faced racism throughout his childhood and professional career, but his father taught him to value his differences and he now identifies as Cablinasian”. Woods has established numerous charitable foundations, such as the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Tiger Woods Learning Center, to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children to learn and play golf. His amazing body strength allowed him to hit strikingly long drives, leading to the adoption of the tactic known as Tiger-Proofing on major courses. Woods has increased TV ratings and ticket sales, and helped clear the way for black people and other minorities in professional golf. His presence has also contributed to a sudden interest in golf among young minorities.”

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Tiger Woods is certainly known as more than just a great golfer, it is commonly agreed that he has had the greatest impact on golf and society among all other players in the history of the game. His actions off of the course have been just as incredible. During Tiger Woods’ childhood, there was still a considerable amount of racism towards minorities.

The marriage between Earl and Kultida Woods was always controversial to friends and even family because of the obvious difference in ethnicities.Of course Tiger faced quite some racism himself throughout his childhood and even as a professional. He and his father were often the only colored players on a golf course. His father Earl however kept telling his son that he was just as good as everyone else and to value his differences.

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These words have stayed with Tiger and today, when questioned about his racial background, Tiger describes himself as “Cablinasian”; Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian. Tiger Woods also has established numerous charitable foundations ever since turning professional.Here is just a few of his projects. The Tiger Woods Foundation is program designated especially for disadvantaged children to have an equal opportunity at golf.

When it first started in 1996, it consisted of golf clinics and grants but has since expanded drastically. It has recently teamed up with the PGA tour to found a new PGA event in Washington, D. C. In The City Golf Clinics and Festivals is another showing of Tiger’s generosity and care.

It is an annual golf clinic and festival which is hosted in various cities for youth and their families.Each year, at least one child from the Make-A-Wish foundation has the chance to meet Tiger. The Tiger Woods Learning Center is yet another project by Tiger Woods who valued education more than anything. It gives children in grades four to twelve the occasion to learn during the day or after school.

Tiger Woods also has his own charity golf tournament with cash prizes; the Target World Challenge. Tiger would always however donate all of his winnings to charity.One particularly strong point about Tiger’s playing style is his strikingly long drives because of his incredible body strength. This contributed in his dominance and quickly prompted major courses on the PGA tour to adopt a tactic known as Tiger-Proofing.

This would increase the distance of tees that would hopefully even out the playing field for other golfers. It is still in full effect today. Tiger Woods has helped the game of golf in more ways than one. His presence has increased TV ratings and ticket sales significantly with his enormous fan base.

In fact he increases TV ratings by anywhere from 35% to 50% when he is participating in an event. He is acknowledged for a recent sudden interest in golf among young minorities. He is respected for helping to clear the way for black people and other minorities in professional golf. Since he turned professional in 1996, the number of black golf players has doubled.

From the day he turned professional, he turned a lot of people’s heads. No longer was golf simply a white man’s sport. It just happened that the best golf player today is Cablinasian.

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