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Transportation Manger

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Transportation Manger There are many requirements to be an effective Transportation Manager.  In the day to day professional world of a transportation manager many of the skills and knowledge the manager has acquired in his or her career will be used. Career Planner list the following as Knowledge Requirements for a Transportation Manager:  Knowledge of principles and methods for moving people or goods by air, rail, sea, or road, including the relative costs and benefits, Customer and Personal Service, Administration and Management,  Clerical and a knowledge of the English language.

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 Some of the skill requirements outlined are; Reading Comprehension,  Time Management, coordination of multiple tasks, Active Listening, Critical Thinking Speaking, Active Learning , Learning Strategies,  Writing and  Judgment and Decision Making.   (Career Planner). The skills and knowledge requirements will enable a person to fill the role of transportation manager.  One of the United States largest truck companies, Schneider National, defines a transportation manager as follows.

  (Note – DBL – is a Schneider National term for Driver Business Leader – their term for transportation managers) “…key operations link between the organization, driver and customer.

The broad base of industry knowledge and experience gained while in this position prepares the new manager for any number of career paths within the Schneider National organization.  The primary responsibility of this position is to lead a group of driver and administrative associates. The DBL serves as the key leadership component of the High Performance Work Team which manages all aspects of the driver experience.

The DBL is accountable to coach/mentor these associates to achieve specific customer service and key factor goals. These goals include maintaining an excellent safety record and retaining safe drivers who provide excellent customer service, meeting all customer service pick-up and delivery requirements and achieving equipment performance standards. The DBL is expected to use an open, interactive leadership style to reconcile customer and driver needs, while leading drivers and associates to meet these company performance goals.” (Schneider National).

 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (of a transportation manager): 1. Makes safety-conscious decisions. Ensures compliance with all policies and procedures.2.

Makes sound decisions which balance all sides of the “Value Triangle” (customer, driver, business) which result in a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. 3. Provides on going direction and leadership to driver and internal associates to ensure superior customer service and key factor achievement through the use of the Performance Management Model.4.

Establishes solid business relationships and maintains open, accurate and timely two- way communications with drivers and internal associates.5. Facilitates driver and internal non-exempt associate individual development, education, and training through daily coaching and regular business partnerships and performance appraisals.6.

Collaborates with others in the organization to identify and implement both local and  global creative solutions to improve retention.7. Coordinates the seamless transfer of drivers to other LOB’s or OC’s (Other terminals in company) as part of a retention solution or driver career development.8.

Identifies and resolves performance issues.9. Manages driver payroll.10.

Ensures drivers have quality time at home.11. Facilitates driver town hall meetings, business updates, etc.12.

Champions Enterprise/OC specific driver recognition programs13. Encourages professional driver appearance and behavior.14. Provides input to, participates in, or leads teams of associates focusing on a variety of  projects.

15. Provides mutual support during absence of other team members during peak times. Experience and education requirements vary depending on position level of responsibility the company is seeking to fill.  Nearly all will require a Bachelors Degree in either business or logistics.

  If the position will be part of a management team – the level of experience will be determined by the needs of the team.  Most trucking companies hire front line transportation managers who need very little experience. Should the position be as the leader of a team – then the experience level may be 10 or more years. Some transportation manager roles will rely more on customer relationship than driver management.

  Jobs In Logistics often details the specialty expertise required by a specific job opening.  Some may look for “Customs Brokerage and Clearance capabilities (Inbound and Outbound), Warehousing & Distribution, and Management Capabilities (Dry and Refrigerated commodities), Perishables Commodities Distribution (Food and Beverage Logistics).” (Ambience). As in all employment opportunities there are the base line skills and knowledge required.

  There is an open job description – which may be modified to fill a particular opening.  In transportation the level placed on each of these is dependent on the needs of the customer base and the company goals.BibliographyAmbience. (2009).

  Jobs In Logistics.com.  Domestic Operation Manager.  Retrieved on 13 March 2009, from, http://www.


com&SessID=6081-0402748-73074&SD=Tran%2BTruc%2BFlee%2BDisp%2BMain%2B^USA%2BCanada%2BIntl%2BIT%2B^^^TOJAll%2B^Any^^^Yes^&SP=1&JRPP=100 Career Planner.  (2009).  Carrerplanner.com “Transportation Managers”Job Description & Jobs.

  Retrieved on 13 March 2009, from, http://www.careerplanner.com/Job-Descriptions/Transportation-Managers.cfm Schneider National.

  (2009).  Schneider Jobs. Operations Driver Leader.  Retrieved on 13 March 2009, from, https://ebs1.schneider.com/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/irc/candidateSelfService/webui/VisVacDispPG&OAHP=IRC_EXT_SITE_VISITOR_APPL&OASF=IRC_VIS_VAC_DISPLAY&akRegionApplicationId=821&transactionid=1435307984&retainAM=N&addBreadCrumb=RP&p_svid=3187&p_spid=124026&oapc=7&oas=OrtcZPHpe6piA0g0AuwpCQ..

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Transportation Manger. (2017, Mar 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/transportation-manger/

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