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Understand why communication is important in the work setting Essay

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1. Understand why communication is important in the work setting.

1.1 We use communication to express out thoughts and ideas eg. To share emotions such as frustration or happiness, to notify other if we need help or are in danger.

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Understand why communication is important in the work setting
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1.2 Having an effective communication system in place helps to keep the class running smoothly, besides communication and interaction with the children, having an effective dialogue with regards to an individuals welfare and progress between colleagues is important and helps to prevent errors in information transfer.

All this helps towards creating an environment, in which children feel secure and confident to learn, explore and try new things. Not having an effective system in place can lead to emotional distress for the child due to a lack of understanding. It could also introduce the possibilities of errors in information transfer.

1.3 Observing an individuals reaction such as body language, facial expressions, pitch and tone of an individuals voice can help you to draw a complete picture of a situation.

These things will help you to assess how the individual is feeling about what has been said eg. Whether they are frustrated or confused, if they understand the instruction given to them. Looking deeper, by observing a child’s body language, we are able to gain a clearer indication that we have been understood ie. That the individuals understanding and response match our intention.

2. Be able to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals.

2.1 Checking in the information files of a given individual or check with the teacher. If there is no information readily available, speaking directly to the child to assess their needs and preferences.

2.2 There are various communication methods that can be used, depending on the child’s preference eg. A child with a hearing impairment might prefer sign language or to lip-read.

2.3 Should after several attempts using different methods of communication, not yield the appropriate response, request advice or assistance from colleagues

3. Be able to reduce barriers in communication.

3.1 Many barriers exist, some being obvious and others not so, They range from medical, social, cultural. (refer to page 2 for examples)

3.2 Speaking slowly and clearly, using small words so that any instruction given is understood. Having eye contact at a child’s eye level is important. Where there is a language barrier, the use of dictionaries, flash cards with a picture, the English word and the individuals native language will help the individual feel included in any activities.

3.3 Request feedback and response to instruction. Making use if the EDIP teaching method can also be helpful.

3.4 Information and support can be found in the Internet, Professional Publications and Government Bodies.

4. Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality at work.

4.1 Ensure information is restricted to people who are authorised and require the information for their job.

4.2 Fundamental principle of confidentiality is that any information regarding a child should not be discussed outside to the work environment and even then, only with the relevant personnel.

4.3 When there is a concern for the welfare of a child.

4.4 Advice and information about confidentiality can be found in the Company policies. Here you can find guidelines on how to proceed if you are unsure or suspect an issue regarding a child or teacher

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