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University of Phoenix Scavenger Hunt

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July 5, 2010 Writing resources Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence? For a quick check, you can use WritePoint, which will do a more thorough Word-style grammar and spelling check. For more specific questions and comments, you can use the Tutor review which gives more detailed explanations and a much more thorough check. Also, the Plagiarism checker is nice for making sure you are following correct citation rules and not pulling too much information from one source.

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University of Phoenix Scavenger Hunt
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Which resource in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence offers tips about how to format a paper? * APA format and Style checker What are the University of Phoenix’s suggested resources for academic writing formatting and grammar guides? (Hint: This information is located in the Center for Writing Excellence) * Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association * University Library 1. What are the three major article databases found in the University Library? * EBSCOhost; Thompson Gale PowerSearch and ProQuest.

Name three specialized article databases in the University Library. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, Psych Articles, Emerald and tons and tons of others. What link would you click to ask a question of the University of Phoenix Librarian? The “Ask a Librarian” tab in the other resources. * Course Information 1. From your student Web site, how do you access your reading assignments for this course? From the “Materials” tab at the top of the screen. What chapter from the text Keys to College Studying is part of the reading assignment for Week Four of this course?

Chapter 3. Where on your student Web site will you be able to find your schedule and course grades for all courses completed to date? From the “Grades” tab. Learning Teams 1. What six documents are contained in the “Toolkit Essentials” section of the Learning Team Toolkit? * Learning Team Handbook, Online Campus Learning Team Handbook, Learning Team Log, Learning Team Evaluation, Learning Team Charter, and Guide to Completing the University of Phoenix Learning Team Charter. *

According to the Learning Team Toolkit section, “Why Learning Teams? ” what are the four essential functions filled by Learning Teams that are especially beneficial to working adult learners? * It can make assignments better, it is a place for learning and maintaining new knowledge through other viewpoints, it gives a place to share information and is a community where people can learn how other people are handling school and life. Student Services 1. What is the phone number for University of Phoenix technical support? Hint: Use the “Help” button in the top right corner of the page. ) * 1-877-832-4867 Where can you find information about who to contact for questions regarding student disabilities? * On the “University Diability Services” tab. What three National Testing Programs does the University of Phoenix award credit for? * DANTES, CLEP and Excelsior Name one form of misconduct in the Student Code of Conduct. (Hint: The Student Code of Conduct is located in the Academic Catalog). * Plagarism in any form.

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