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Social Network “Facebook “- Unme Jeans

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1. Which, if any, of these three social media plans should Foley pursue? Why? Foley should pursue more Online Marketing media plans and embrace the emergence of Web 2. 0. Specifically, Foley should allocate some of it’s traditional advertising media dollars towards Facebook due to its longevity and it’s ability to capture the online movement’s four cultural values: consumer co-creation, social affiliation, digital self-expression and sharing. Consumer co-creation involves consumer’s creating and getting involved with the online platform.

Facebook allows the creation of profiles and engages the consumer by involving them to publish content that embodies their personalities.

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Social Network “Facebook “- Unme Jeans
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Facebook also allows event invitations to be sent out to users which can be notified of promotions and events that UnMe wants to announce to their target market. The users would also be updated with the latest promotions, newest items and sales through news feeds and widgets. These tools will allow users not only to become involved and increase brand awareness but also identify and connect with the UnMe brand.

Facebook also gives users the ability to design and control the content of their profile pages. People achieve a sense of community through connections with their friends, co-workers and family online. This encompasses the social affiliation value. By allowing the brand to talk directly with it’s consumers, deliver the brand story and connect through social media, it adds value for UnMe by reaching out to the company’s target audience.

Digital self expression captures people’s needs to express themselves through individual identities, something Facebook is by definition. It is easy for individuals to express themselves through the various applications allowing them to connect with events, brands, music, movies, news and political issues. Finally, the last cultural value of the social media movement is sharing. Because Facebook allows friends to view other friends’ profile pages, it is easy for both sides to be exposed to each other’s interests and apps.

This allows people to share information they want with their friends giving them the ability to share their interests and opinions on everything from brands to current trends, such as UnMe products. 2. What benefits would Foley gain from each of the three social media plans? What risks does each entail? How can Foley better reap the benefits and mitigate the risks of each of the programs? UnMe can reach style conscious women and get them involved in giving feedback and comments on the UnMe profile page.

Through this direct interaction with UnMe target market, UnMe can tap into style tips and fashion asset resources that would otherwise be hard to obtain through traditional media or research. In addition, because Facebook is such an interactive environment that encompasses consumer co-creation, social affiliation and sharing, it successfully captures consumer’s attention. Risks of going on Facebook would include not enough consumers accepting friend requests, which would mean less people will be exposed to the brand’s profile page, give feedback and tips, and less would be exposed to the widgets.

Users may also ignore ads depending on their interactions with friends and networks on Facebook. Finally, the lack of control over targeted measurements using Facebook might make it difficult to justify spending money towards this media plan. By participating in the Zwinktopia media plan, UnMet would be able to generate an online buzz about their jean products. This would then create a buzz around the brand, leading consumers or Zwinky’s to collaborate and design jeans using their own creativity.

Zwinktopia is a great way for UnMe to reach its target market while focusing on its ideals of celebrating individuality and non-confirming attitude. This media plan also has the highest selling products in its apparel category which works perfectly with UnMe jean products. Some risks that Foley might run into by using the Zwinktopia media plans are competition from other brands in the virtual world and the lack of a gaurantee that the results from Zwinktopia will reflect consumers behaviors in the real world.

In addition to these risks there is a high learning curve which stems from the lack of knowledge of the virtual world since it is not as clear of a communication vehicle as some of the other social media options. 3. How should Foley integrate social media into her traditional media plans? Should Foley take money out of traditional media (television, magazine, radio, Internet banner and search ads) to fund her social media programs? Why or why not? Foley should take money from internet banner advertising and put it towards the Facebook and Zwinktopia media plans.

According to a 2007 survey, Alloy Media +Marketing discovered that children between the ages of 9-17 felt violated when banner ads appeared on their personal profile pages without their permission. In addition, a media study that video preroll ads on online video sites proved to be twice as effective as ten banner ads on the same site. Foley should also consider taking additional advertising dollars out of television magazine and radio media platforms since consumers media habits have been steering away from these platforms and towards social media and newer technology like music downloads on ipods.

Between 2006 and 2007, online advertising is predicted to grow six times more quicker than traditional media. In addition, Foley should highly consider taking advertising dollars away from banner display ads. Since consumers are becoming more prone to “banner blindness,” which is when consumers learned to recognize the banner ads format and as a result ended up ignoring the ads, click through rates have dropped from . 75% to . 0% in 2007. 4. How should Foley measure the results of her social media plans? Which media metrics are best and least suited for a Web 2. 0 world? Through social media, Foley wants to increase UnME Jeans sales by encouraging dialogue about the brand among consumers. Foley’s advertising agency presented her with options for three social media outlets – Zwinktopia, Facebook and YouTube. Consumer engagement is at the heart of Web 2. market strategy and several different types of metrics can measure the amount of brand awareness: Zwinktopia Amount of time spent at UnME site Number of times the same visitor returns UnME store Number of times the visitor engages with UnME products Facebook Number of active fans of UnME page Number of likes for UnMe page Number of times page has been shared with other users Number of mentions on user wall posts Number of comments on UnME page YouTube Number of fans for video Average viewer rating Number of times video has been shared Number of comments on video Foley can use the metrics listed above as a way to determine the effectiveness of the media. These metrics are tangible and measurable numbers that can be used to understand consumer behavior. For example, UnME Jeans can measure if the transaction was via Zwinktopia and

Facebook, if consumers who purchase the jeans learned of the company through social media, and conversion and retention ratios can be measured, and so on. Foley should stay away from traditional metrics. In the past, advertisers have overloaded consumers with messaging that “talks to” them. Considering that consumers see nearly 5,000 messages every day, blasting non-interactive messaging will not be received well by social media users. Additionally, consumers intentionally bypass traditional media – like commercials that interrupt their programs. Continuing with this type of “interrupting” messaging will also not be well received by social media users. 5.

Is UnME Jeans the right or wrong type of brand and/or product for Web 2. 0? Why? What advantages does the brand have in this new cultural world? What disadvantages does it have? UnME Jeans aims to target active girls between 12-24 years old with a unique style and fashion sense. Furthermore, the company wants to encourage individual self-expression, an appreciation for differences and tolerance through its brand image. Given UnME Jean’s target market and company goals, Web 2. 0 is the perfect medium. Social networks are most frequented by Gen Yers (aged 18-26), Young Adults (aged 18-21) and Teens (aged 12-17) and the frequency is continuing to grow.

The company’s goal to allow user customization and sharing opinions is also best accomplished on Web 2. 0 over traditional media. TV, Newspapers, Radio and Magazine usage and interest is no longer effective or the chosen medium by UnME Jeans consumers. These consumers are wanting to co-create products, they are trendsetters, and lastly, they don’t want to be “told” what is popular and cool. They define it themselves. Web 2. 0 is less costly than traditional media in the log term. It can follow user trends and track consumer opinions. Certain factors such as brand awareness can be easily measured on Web 2. 0. Unfortunately, some disadvantages are inherent to Web 2. 0.

It can be difficult for UnME Jeans to control their messaging as users have the main control online. Because of this, the content can pose a risk to users. Lastly, the company may not be able to leverage Web 2. 0 over the long term. New media trends can come and go and it is difficult to understand which will be most effective and for how long. 6. How well do the social media plans address the emerging challenges of the rapidly changing media environment outlined in the case? What can you change in the social media plans to make them more effective for UnME’s target consumers? The social media trend is growing, particularly among UnME’s target market.

The company’s media plan is well prepared to address this changing environment by diversifying its advertisement dollars across traditional and social media. Furthermore, since media trends are constantly changing, it is important for UnME to follow new media technologies to stay relevant and effective. UnME should monitor the effectiveness of each site and decide whether to discontinue its advertising investment or re-invest more. In addition, the company should explore ways in which it can integrate each of the social media platforms with other venues such as twitter and mobile phones, and integrate each social media site with each other to ensure optimal effectiveness.

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