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In my sentiment, it is virtually impossible to plan a Utopian society. Although the rules you base your society may hold the potency, if the remainder of life in that society is modified plenty so that all those in the society introduced to this thought or rule will take it as world and use it to their mundane life, therefore leting them to suit the cast of the perfect individual in the perfect society ; so how can anyone see complete equality between all people, genuinely flawlessness.

It is at this point where I genuinely began to see the impossibleness of a Utopian society. Although I have ever thought it would be cool to populate in a perfect universe, where there were no jobs and everything was easy in life, I would instead populate in a universe full of users and maltreaters where I still have the power of free idea.

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For the most portion, the bulk of Utopian Societies makes less of the encephalon capacity of those with any kind of intelligence, and keeps everyone trapped in a universe where they have been programmed to make as the society, or in Plato’s work The Republic , tells them to. In actuality, the laminitiss of this perfect society have merely thought of a manner to do everyone believe that through bing everything out we will all be able to win at whatever we want. Or so the laminitiss want us to believe.

Once they get everyone to the point where thought outside of the present and now is impossible because our encephalons have depleted so much and have been massaged to the ideas and beliefs that the caputs or laminitiss of these society want us to believe, that we are no longer able to interrupt free from that comfort. My theory is that while the laminitiss may claim to partake in the society 100 % , in world it is impossible for him/ her to make so because his/her idea would be wholly destroyed and he/she would be unable to supervise the balance of the society.

In making so, this would do it possible for a young person to steal past the key points and ideals behind the society, due to the fact that everyone is stuck in the? now? and can non make anything about their idea forms. This kid would evidently detect a difference, particularly as the old ages base on balls, and would pick up on manipulative accomplishments and the ability to lie. You see these are two things you will larn about in the existent universe. Through these accomplishments you are able to acquire things to travel your manner and or profit you wholly without holding to give anything up ( this would evidently non be something you would larn about in this set perfect society ) .

These two points are two of the chief grounds why a Utopian society would ne’er work. If the laminitis and/or his kids of all time wanted to, they would hold the ability to command and possess each and every one of those people with-in the society, without them even cognizing. That, is evidently non a Utopian Society if it is possible for the caputs to pull strings, darnel, and victimize their manner to the top of the universe and harvest great success from a clump of virtually thoughtless and in a manner exanimate group of people.

If you want to look at the Utopian Society where even the laminitiss become portion of the system, and interject themselves with-in this ego created Utopia, the effects can be even more damaging than if they merely control you without you cognizing. By truly holding everyone wholly dumbed down to the same degree you leave yourself unfastened for mistake.

If everyone is to be brought down to the bottom criterion and merely concentrating on the Now, so their ability to make occupations would travel down along with it. Finally it would acquire to the point where there would be an full group of babes that ne’er went through the day-to-day rites or ideals, and hence the society can non hold on their heads. In making so this gives all the power to the young persons, while the senior’s are left clueless. This could take to a few possible results.

The most likely, in my head, would be that the young person’s would learn their seniors, interrupt the cast, and finally acquire society back to the manner it was. However there are still a few more possible outcomes. Although this is manner out on a limb, it was seen in Cambodia, although in a wholly different environment, when Pol Pot and the Kamerouge took over. There was a clump of 12 and 13 twelvemonth old childs killing their parents and relations merely because of the fact that they were told they were making the right thing for their state, and had to follow through on these Acts of the Apostless. Others committed these hideous offenses merely because it gave them, the young person, the underside of the barrel, the ability to name the shootings.

Regardless of how you think of it, in the terminal you ever get screwed. In this instance it may be a small more terrible and sci-fi than the Utopian Societies that Plato and Confucius create. However, if you truly closely examine any of these philosopher’s societies, you will easy descry at least one point that makes it so you can pick at and rupture apart the whole substructure. Once you begin to come on farther and further down you line, you finally stop up with scenes such as that seen in Harrison Bergeron or my illustration.

It will ever consume and consume until one twenty-four hours you finally collapse into huge nothingness. Just like any other society does at one point or another. However the clang of a Utopian society would necessarily far more black than that of a normal economic system. For in the Utopian Society, everything is inter-dependent and can non work without every other piece of the society. Once these people are put back into existent societies where work ethic and crushing the other adult male to the occupation is cardinal.

This disqualifies the thought that person might seek to state that the terminal of a supposed Utopia brings about the formation of a natural Utopia because all of these people now realize their topographic point in the universe, but can non convey themselves to deliberately wrong another individual merely for their ain fiscal benefit, evidently you would ne’er larn about these accomplishments in a Utopian society where everything is sharing, you? re now tossed into a universe you? re wholly unprepared for, and the possible effects are unheard of.

Geting back to the chief subject, I suppose it is necessary that I admit that there have been legion thoughts of a possible Utopian Society that with the right way, and the right head set of everyone with-in the group. However, although I believe that it is impossible to even seek to chew over the right guidelines to put down, ( therefore presuming your perceptual experience of good and bad is the right one ) if I personally had to take between Plato and Confucius perfect society, I would state that Confucius society would be more challenging to me. I must acknowledge though, that Plato brings up many interesting thoughts on how things should be done.

The thought of dividing you from your household is in a manner a potentially good thing. If you re seeking to populate in a society where your exclusive duty is to The Republic, your authorities and society. Through known connexions with other s, i.e. siblings, parents, and grandparents, you may be forced to do a determination out of attention for them, or reflective of their wants. In making so you would be in a manner, traveling against? The Republic? and everything that it stood for.

To me, another interesting portion of The Republic is the fact that thought and philosophizing is such a large portion of life. This makes me truly question the whole substructure that Plato’s thoughts rest on. Through old ages of idea and careful observation Plato was able to make what he thought to be the perfect society. However, if this whole thought of a perfect universe came out of one adult male and his deepest ideas, so what happens when you put multiple caputs together The consequences are ruinous. Now imagine a whole society chew overing things that have possible danger to The Republic. These theories and beliefs may replace the old, even if it isn T supposed to go on, and so Plato himself could stop up stuck in a society where all of his ideas and instructions have been quieted, and now the voice of the people shall over power.

To me, Confucius thoughts spark many interesting inquiries. First of wholly, the base of which Confucius created his whole life style and manner life is based around household. In Confucius Utopia the most of import portion of life is the regard and servitude to those who deserve it, i.e. male parent, gramps, or uncle. The value of your life is non based on the type of good workss you ve done, but instead it is based on your trueness to your household, and cognizing your function in this universe. A quotation mark from the book, Confucius the Analects, seen in Volume II, Book IV, chapter II says,  A adult male without virtuousness can non hanker abide in hardship, nor can he hanker abide in felicity ; but the virtuous adult male is at remainder in virtuousness, and the wise adult male covets it.

I took this statement as significance this, although you do hold the pick as to whether or non you are traveling to make the virtuous thing and award thy household, one can non be for good content in merely making things for their ain personal benefit. Even though at first you may experience content in the fact that you can make whatever you want to, without the fright of allowing down your household name. But this province of felicity is merely a mask to the ugliness that lies beneath. By non making the virtuous thing it good finally come back to hangout you. Through populating a virtuous life you are contented with the fact that you are making right by your household, every bit good as yourself. All that is genuinely needed in life is virtue. Virtue brings joy, love, compassion, etc.

Another facet of Confucianism that makes me believe even more extremely of him, is his modestness. Although he knew, in one manner or another, that his guidelines on how to populate life, were and are, some of the most honest regulations to populate by, he still remained modest about himself. In Volume IV, Book VII, Chapter I, Confucius explains how he fits into our universe as follows,  As a sender, non an conceiver, a truster in and lover of antiquity.

I interpreted this statement as follows. Confucius thinks himself to be a sender of what is the right manner to populate life. From my old statement, and so the following statement in the quotation mark, I inferred that Confucius didn? t even think himself to be the discoverer of Confucianism, nevertheless he discovered and was able to link to every one in society. I besides think that the statement about him being a truster and a lover of antiquity means that he wants to reconstruct things to the manner they used to be.

He wants the pride to be in one’s household and name, and the Acts of the Apostless they do should be reflective of their male parent or gramps’s wants. The concluding statement of the quotation mark is merely demoing Confucius modestness. P? eng was a adult male of the Sheng Dynasty that had great power, and was rumored to hold lived for 700 old ages.

Although this paper may hold been a small off the subject for a piece, and besides a small far fetched, I believe it portrays the ability that adult male has to alter and pull strings things to their liking. Through Utopian tests and mistakes the universe would finally recognize the ineffectualness of these societies. Particularly when you consider that these ways of life are merely thoughts that popped into person’s caput, that individual thought the thought applicable to their life, and from their efforts to make something that encompasses all facets of life, stop up doing more errors than what were already in the old society. The thought of a Utopian Society still intrigues me, nevertheless, if you evaluate the cogency of each lesson taught, what do you believe you would happen.

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