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Voting System Sample

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A vote system or electoral system is a method by which electors make a pick between options. frequently in an election. A vote system enforces regulations to guarantee valid vote. and how ballots are counted and aggregated to give a concluding consequence. The word “vote” means to take from a list. to elect or to find. The chief end of vote is to come up with leaders of the student’s pick. in order this to go on. the vote system is needed.

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Voting System Sample
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Voting system can assist a batch in this affair. This system will function as a usher to the proper flow of the vote event. Today. the vote system is widely known and used in about all schools who exercise their right to vote specially in electing school officers. In voting system. a user can utilize his or her vote right. He/she has to be registered foremost in order to vote. Registration is chiefly done by the decision maker.

for security grounds. After being registered by the decision maker the elector is given a secret elector codification which he/she can utilize to

entree the system. If invalid/wrong inside informations are submitted. so the citizen is non registered to vote and the system will non allow that individual to vote.

Undertaking Context

This undertaking focuses on analyzing the current vote system and attack in Central Philippine State University –Victorias Campus. The receivers of this undertaking are the school organisations. The advocates proposed this undertaking in order to better the current vote system in the said campus. They will be implementing an automated vote system of FLP-SSG in Central Philippine State University –Victorias Campus. The numeration of ballots will be automated every bit good as make fulling up the names of the campaigner.

Purpose and Description

This undertaking entitled “FLP-SSG Automated Voting System of CPSU –Victorias Campus” is intended to heighten the current or bing voting system of the school campus and besides to develop a computerized vote system that will assist them to decrease the clip consumed and to guarantee safe-keeping of the information files. The undertaking research workers and the receiver believe that the mechanization of the said system will assist them a batch. The Election officers/staff. This automated vote system provides easy numeration of ballot since it is automatically numbering the ballot after the electors submit its signifier. This system can besides hold functionaries to guarantee safe maintaining of records. This system can besides supply information that are saved if being question or needed. This will besides decrease the clip concern in voting event. The Student: This system will assist the pupil to decrease the clip consume in voting procedure. This will besides supply to hold an easy and smooth processing of election.


General Objective

To supply an machine-controlled system that will assist the receiver to work out the jobs they are meeting.

Specific Objective

It will be reexamining the bing current vote procedure or attack in CPSU –Victorias University Campus. It will besides formalize the system to guarantee that merely legible electors are allowed to vote and to guarantee the safe maintaining paths of all records. Cases of ballot miscounts shall besides be solved since at the back-end of this system resides a well-developed database which can supply the correct informations if needed.

Scope and Restriction


It is focused on analyzing the vote system of CPSU Victorias campus and to do certain that the pupils ballot is counted. for equity in the elected place. The system will bring forth less labour intensifier and besides less paperless plants. Increasing figure of electors as persons will happen it easier and more convenient to vote. It will besides guarantee that the members who are registered are the lone 1s to vote. Improvement in voting services to the electors through fast. seasonably and convenient vote. It requires less figure of staff during the election. Restriction

The system is intended to be used merely in CPSU – Victorias University Campus. The system does non back up on-line vote. Since this will be the first clip that the school will utilize an machine-controlled vote system. the functionaries will hold to show first how to utilize the system since non all the pupils are able to utilize it decently specially to those who have less cognition in computing machines.

Definition of Footings

FLP – Future Leadership of the PhilippinesSSG – Supreme Student GovernmentAdministrator – A individual that has a powerful entree to the system

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature


A vote system or electoral system is a method by which electors make a pick between options. frequently in an election. Many research workers have done work in the vote system. Academians like Peter Neumann focal point on the enormousness of the job one faces when seeking to plan and implement a truly secure vote system. Neumann gives a list of suggestions for “generic vote criteria” which suggests that a vote system should be so difficult to fiddle with and so immune to failure that no commercial system is likely of all time to run into the demands. and developing a suited usage system would be highly hard and prohibitively expensive. Voting system must bring forth human-readable hardcopy paper consequences. which can be verified by the elector before the ballot is cast. and manually recounted subsequently if necessary.

Many voting systems uses equipments and theses equipments are divided into 5 types. 1. Paper- based vote: The elector gets a clean ballot and utilize a pen or a marker to bespeak he desire to vote for which campaigner. Hand-counted ballots is a clip and labour devouring procedure but it is easy to manufactured paper ballots and the ballots can be retained for verifying. this type is still the most common manner to vote. 2. Pry voting machine: Degree machine is curious equipment. and each lever is assigned for a corresponding campaigner. The elector pulls the lever to canvass for his favourite campaigner. The sort of voting machine can number up the ballots automatically. Because its interface is non user-friendly plenty. hiving some preparation to electors is necessary. 3. Direct entering electronic vote machine: This type. which is abbreviated to DRE. integrates with keyboard: touch screen. or buttons for the elector imperativeness to canvass.

Some of them put in vote records and numbering the ballots is really rapidly. But the other DRE without keep vote records are doubted about its truth. 4. Punch card: the elector uses metallic hole-punch to plug a hole on the clean ballot. It can number ballots automatically. but if the voter’s perforation is uncomplete. the consequence is likely determined wrongfully. 5. Optical vote machine: after each elector fills a circle correspond to their favourite campaigner on the clean ballot. this machine selects the darkest grade on each ballot for the ballot so computes the entire consequence. This sort of machine counts up ballots quickly. However. if the elector fills over the circle. it will take to the mistake consequence of optical-scan. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. slideshare. net/wilsonnandasaba/project-report-voting-system


Automated Elections implemented in Baguio ( University of Cordilleras ) . Winners were already known right after the last ballot was cast during an machine-controlled election at the University of the Cordilleras ( UC-BCF ) . Four of its colleges utilized a computerized system during the Supreme Student Government ( SSG ) Elections last July 24. 2007 while the Supreme Court is still settling the P1. 3 billion deserving cybernation issues on the 2007 elections. the UC-BCF has proven that mechanization of elections is plausible. The automated canvass system was created under the supervising of Engr. Eliseo Ruiz of the College of Information and Computing Sciences ( CICS ) . ”At first it was a stand-alone system when developed and used in 1997. but in 1999. we were able to implement a web system for it. ” said Engr. Ruiz. CICS was certified by the Commission on Higher Education as the Center of Development for Excellence ( CODE ) for Information Technology. UC-CICS has been sharing the plan to other colleges for the past four old ages.

This 2006. technology. accounting and nursing pupils were able to profit from the mechanization procedure. “All the pupils did was input their pupil ID figure and click beside the name of their chosen campaigner. “said SSG Adviser Mr. Benjamin Alo. who besides disclosed that the system was safe. To avoid winging electors. pupil ID entree Numberss were automatically blocked upon voting. Votes were automatically tallied ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. uc-bcf. edu. ph/Students/News? Category=Students & A ; NewsID=17 ) LOCAL SYSTEM

Mindanao State University – SSC Voting SystemWriter: Jelly Ann Echavez. Philip Cesar Garay. ArbieRatunilFor many old ages since this University founded. this establishment had already conducted many major university pupil council election of officers for the MSUN Supreme Student Council. It was so apparent unluckily that the turnover of these said elections had turned to be slow and boring. It was slow because of the undermentioned scenarios: 1. ) The Election is done manually. so the electioneering is devouring a large sum of clip. in fact in most of the elections the electioneering of ballots took a long hours and more clip consume. 2. ) Miscount of ballots that may do for under ballot or otherwise over ballot. 3. ) Mistally and misstated ballot for a campaigner. It was difficult and tiresome on the portion of the election facilitators because it needs a batch of energy and clip to get the better of the complexness of the readyings and the retention of the election down to the electioneering of ballots. So with these jobs the call for a alteration is considered.

Since this University adapted many new classs and one of these classs is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. As a pupil in this class there is a call and a demand for reformation and revival of the bing traditional and manual vote system. The execution of the computerized vote system is the reply for this pandemonium. Rationale This undertaking was founded and created to replace the bing manual vote system that had produced incommodiousness non merely to the electors but besides to the election facilitators. 1. ) The system is responsible of finding the genuineness of the elector except for his/her studentID and watchword. 2. ) The list of classs is already predefined in the system upon when elector or pupil is registered. 3. ) Candidates’ record after the election will be saved and will be manually deleted on the system. 4. ) Student that officially registered as elector can merely vote. 5. ) The system is created with a security degree. watchwords of some system services are implemented.

6. ) A campaigner must foremost use as campaigner before registering as a elector. 7. ) This system was configured for standalone PC’s merely. The demand to plan and do a computerized vote system may be able to carry on the election in a fast. correct. and convenient manner and to accomplish good and truth in its consequences. Hypothesis of the survey Computerized vote systems are widely used in elections. This paper describes utilizing a computerized vote system as the footing for a undertaking in an Information Technology class. Through the preparation of this system the pupils are so confident that the whole electoral procedure will non merely be fast and promptly but most of all accurate and precise. Significance of the survey It is the concern of the research workers to construct a computerized vote system that will be used by the Supreme Student Council of MSU at Naawan. It will assist to extinguish frauds and manoeuvres in polling sing that the computing machine will be the one to number the ballots. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sourcecodester. com/microsoft-access/msu-n-computerized-voting-system. hypertext markup language )


Midlands Technical College – SSC Voting Syst This is the VOTE PLUS direction package developed in vb. cyberspace. It is chiefly done for the college intent particularly in Midlands Technical College. All the candidates’ names of the different subdivision will be displayed in the screen harmonizing to their station. Students have to merely travel and snap the button to vote. Calculation of the ballot is done automatically which can be viewed merely to the Admin. The victors name will be shown in the screen and even the ballots they have gained. So this package can be used for the college voting interest. where there will be complete security. and the clip to number the ballots will be saved. because of the automatic computation.


Organization Adviser – Approved or disapproved the proposed program of the SSG organisation.Propose a suggestion that will heighten the proposal. Executive Committee – Execute all regulations. regulations. memorandum. Torahs and declarations passed by the Council and Senate. Serve as the vehicle of student authorities in inquiring grants from the disposal for the benefit of the pupils. Present programs of activities to the disposals and co-ordinates with the school governments in transporting out such programs and plans specially affecting student’s engagement. one time enacted by the Council and punctually approved by the University President. President – Overall in charge of SSG. Together with other EXECOM functionaries they test the declaration being submitted by Legislative Committee. Vice-President – Take the duty if the president is non about. Senators – Test the rightness of the declaration.

Legislative Body – to go through declarations. regulations and ordinances aimed for the improvement of the pupils. Deliberate on proposed programs and budget on pupil activities presented to the Council by the SSG President. Sectors and General Assembly – Render proper counsel to the officers of the organisation.

Act as mediators between SSG and Administration.Help the SSG in transporting out the programs for the school twelvemonth. FLP ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTOrganization Adviser –Evaluate the declaration.Approved or disapproved the declaration.Enhance the declaration for the better if needed.President – Presiding Officer of FLP.Test the rightness of the declaration.Overall in charge of the organisation. .Vice President – Take the duty if the president is non around Secretary – Keep records of proceedingss of the meeting.Business Manager – Transacts business/ prepares the stuffs any gear during the activities and meeting of the organisation. PRO – Provides information about the activities of the organisation and co-ordinates to subchapters of the organisation / collect information about the hereafter activities. Auditor – audit / mine the proper accounting and scrutinizing processs to avoid inordinate / excessive outgo of the organisation. Treasurer – Keep the records of the fund of the organisation. Sentinel – Peace officer / help the concern director welcome the visitants. Muse – Gives amusement to the organisation during meeting.

Workflow of FLP-SSG Voting System

Chapter IVMethodology

All research is based on some implicit in philosophical premises about what constitutes ‘valid’ research and which research method ( s ) is/are appropriate for the development of the system in a given proposal. In order to carry on and measure any research. it is hence of import to cognize what these premises are. This chapter discusses the philosophical premises and besides the design strategies underpinning this research survey. Common premises were reviewed and presented ; the interpretative paradigm was identified for the model of the survey. In add-on. the chapter discusses the research methodological analysiss. and design used in the survey including schemes. instruments. and informations aggregation and analysis methods. while explicating the phases and procedures involved in the survey. The advocates are responsible for the undertaking given. Interview is done in order to garner helpful information. The advocates will developed an automated vote system for the receiver. This system development will last until first hebdomad of October 2014.


The system that we develop can cut down or take the mistakes that as being encountered in the current system. The system will besides supply user friendly interface and easy to run for the user. The developed system is capable besides of safe maintaining path of records and can follow to the current system the receiver is utilizing.


The advocates prove the developed system in order to cognize the functionality and stableness of the system. Table 1.


The bing system is sing the trouble in footings of clip consumed in fixing for the election procedure and besides in the clip consumed in polling services.


Lack of some informationThe receiver is utilizing the traditional procedure of voting event. There are much information that are non filled up particularly by the campaigners and besides in electors information.


In utilizing the current system the election functionaries is passing money for the documents they are needed every bit good as for the printing of their ballots.


The current system is depending merely in the functionaries as their security in the event besides in procuring the secretiveness of the ballots.


The bing system uses a batch of excess stuffs such as documents that will function as ballots.


The current system needs more functionaries in order to run the event and the currents system is non capable of taking the vote event in a short clip.



Cause and ConsequenceSystem AimsSystem Constraints

Time – Consuming and Laborious Process

C-Due to many figure of pupils

E-A batch of clip consumed in polling or polling procedure.

Automatize the vote and polling procedureThe system is capable merely of salvaging information about the pupils and besides in machine-controlled numeration of ballots and bring forthing study to it.

Some pupils don’t even know who the campaigners are.C-Some pupils are non interested in cognizing even the face of the campaigners

E-they are coming up with random pick in taking their campaigner.

Provide images of every campaigners

The system will supply merely image of the campaigner merely

Lot of documents to be needed

C-due to figure of electors

E-The functionaries spent money in order to supply those documents

Provide paperless work in term of ballots.The system provides paperless work in existent vote merely.

Security Issues and confidentiality of ballots

C-Some functionaries may pull strings the polling procedure

E-mislead to non rectify announcement of victors

Developed a secured database every bit good as automatic numeration of ballots

The system is developed will good procure and organized database

Tonss of attempt and functionaries neededC-Many plants should be done in readyings and in voting event.

Automatize the vote procedureThe system is limited merely in vote and salvaging information of pupils.

FUNCTIONAL RequirementInterface Requirements*Fields have specific informations to be input it is either character. numeral or alphameric.*Can generate study of the needed information if queriedBusiness Requirements*Fields should be filled –up before a procedure can be proceed. * . Snaping the submit button will continue to the following procedure that the vote procedure will travel. *The vote functionaries and the electors should be well-trained in order to utilize the system efficaciously. Regulatory/Compliance Requirements

*The system limits the handiness of the users harmonizing to their function. Security Requirements*Member of the electors group can merely vote and can non entree other maps of the system.*Member of the Administrators group can modify or update the particular record.*The system comes with secured database

NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTSecurity*Log-in demands – Voters/Administrators*Invalid Password Counter- 3 failed efforts take to system lock. ( Admin merely ) Performance*Processing Time – the system is able to execute the undertaking in a short clip ( frequently in 3-5 seconds depending on the response of the user ) . *Query and Reporting Time – the system is able to react right after the question is done. *Capacity – the system is able to manage much figure of minutess depending to the user of the system. *Storage – the system is able to manage batch of informations depending on the capacity of the storage location. Handiness

*Hours of Operation – it is available anytime of the twenty-four hours*Location of the Operation – the system merely in CPSU-Victorias City Campus. Dependability*Mean Time Between Failures – Once a twelvemonth*Mean Time to Recovery – upper limit of 1 hr depending to the failure. Recovery*Recovery Procedure – By reconstructing the system database to old clip.*Recovery Time Scale – the recovery will take 2-3 proceedingss*Back-up Frequencies – the information should be back-up on a regular basis.*Back-up Generations – The back-up database is needed in order to reconstruct the system to old case. Compatibility*Compatibility on Different Operating System – the system is able to run in Microsoft Windows Operating System *Compatibility on Different Platforms – this system is able to work in Intel Dual-Core Processor or higher processors. Serviceability

*Look and Feel Standards – the system is utilizing subdued and light colourss that will be appealing to the senses of the user and besides it has some keyboard shortcuts that will assist the user for easy used of the system. *Internationalization/Localization Requirements – The system is utilizing English linguistic communication. freestyle – Spelling. US-Default keyboard and Short Size bond paper.


In this certification we will demo the different procedures and flows of the informations that occurred in the current system every bit good as the flow of procedure and informations besides in the proposed system. HEIRARCHICAL INPUT- OUTPUT

In this figure it shows what is the flow of procedure that happening in the vote system.

Figure 4. Hierarchical Input – Process – Output

INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUTIn this figure it shows the procedure of input every bit good as the end productof the minutess in the system.

Figure 5. Input-Process-Output


The manual flow chart shows the flow of the procedure from the start until the terminal of the system.

Flow Chart for Applying as a Campaigner

Figure 6. 0 Current Flowchart for using as a Campaigner

Flow Chart of Voting Process

Figure 6. 1 Current Flow Chart of Voting ProcessPROPOSED FLOW CHART

It shows the flow of the proposed system from the start until the terminal.

Flow Chart for Applying as a Campaigner

Figure 7. 0 Proposed Flow Chart

Figure 7. 1 Proposed Flow Chart

CURRENT DATAFLOW DIAGRAMIt shows the flow of the informations within the system.

Current Data Flow Diagram for Applying as a Campaigner

Figure 8. 0 Current Data Flow Diagram

Current Data Flow Diagram for Voting Process

Figure 8. 1 Current Data Flow Diagram


This diagram shows the flow of informations in the proposed system.



ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMThis diagram shows the relationship between the entities that are present in the system.

Development AND Testing

The system was developed with Visual Basic 6. 0 as the scheduling linguistic communication and Microsoft Access as the storage database. The advocates used a laptop with specification of Intel ® Celeron –CPU 1000M @ 1. 80 GHz of processor. 2GB of RAM and Windows 8. 1 32bit operating system. The advocates is besides the developer of the system. The system is being trial with the other laptops. desktop and seems to work really good. We test it in Windows XP Professional Edition ( 32 spot ) with specification of Intel Dual Core® processor. 1 GB of RAM and 256MB of VGA card. We besides test it in Windows 7 Ultimate Edition ( 64 spot ) and besides map it really good. The receivers besides test the system and approved it. IMPLEMENTATION RESULT

Here is the consequence of the execution and proving made by the recipient/clients/end users. The client was contented to the maps of the system and they are willing to utilize it. The sum-up of the consequence of rate made by the client is shown in the tabular array below.

Table 3. Summary Table of the System Evaluation


Consequences of Evaluation

User – Friendly

Easy to pull strings by the users and supply user-friendly in writing user interface


The system can complete minutess faster and accurate in consequence


The system is dependable because it is automated and can complete the procedure in short period of clip


The system is to the full secured since it has a watchword that merely authorized user can entree the system and besides the database have a watchword that prevent other people in modifying the information straight to the database.

Chapter V



The advocates will develop the users foremost by utilizing the system before the election. We will hold a presentation to the election officers on how to utilize the system. After that. the election officers will be the 1 who is responsible for showing on how to utilize the system for the electors with the usher of the advocates.

The receiver will utilize the system for the approaching election event. During the first clip that the election will take topographic point utilizing the proposed system the advocates will be on usher to the electors and the election officers. The needful stuffs should be ready before the election event.

The system will be evaluated each and after the election procedure. The advocates is besides unfastened for the recommendations of the needful characteristics that will assist more to the both election officers and the users. We will besides rede to the election officer to hold a backup of the database of the system. BUDGET RECOMMENDATION

The budget needed for the system is non a large money. The system is capable of running to different platforms of hardware specification that is widely available to the market. Below is the sum-up of the budget recommended in table signifier.


RUIZ. ELISEO 2007. Published thesis certification in the cyberspace from theUniversity of Cordilleras proved that the machine-controlled election is effectual and dependable alternatively of the manual election. Echavez. Jelly Ann 2008. A published thesis certification in the cyberspace from the Mindanao State University. It is proven that the manual procedure is really boring while machine-controlled procedure is easy to manage and put to death. NEUMAN. Peter 2003. Generic Voting Criteria: Adapting the flow of engineering can do our manner better. Willson Adasaba Publishers. Ukraine MIDLANDS TECHNICAL COLLEGE. Better engineering. better consequence: A publish research in the cyberspace signifier Midlands Technical College. SLIDESHARE. Net 2003. Automated Voting System. Available at hypertext transfer protocol: //www. slideshare. net Retrieved on August 25. 2000.

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