Wellness Research Paper Williams H Melvin Essay

Wellness Essay, Research Paper

Williams, H. Melvin. Lifetime Fitness and Wellness,4th edition

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Wellness Research Paper Williams H Melvin
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McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 1996.

In this paper we will be discoursing wellness, and the information relation to this topic. Wellness is defined as the overall wellness of an person. There are many points of health to discourse, such as the Wellness/Illness Continuum, 5 Spheres of Wellness, Chronological Age V. Cardinal Age, hazard factors, statistics, and other such information.

The Wellness/Illness Contimuum explains, with a diagram, the wellness of society as a whole. In between Optimal Health and Pre-mature Death ( bad wellness ) , is the inferior point. At 50 % of the population, this is the mean wellness of society. This is considered normal but marginal wellness ; anything below this point is considered abnormally bad. At the top of the diagram, under Optimal Health, it shows that 35 % of the population is in abnormally good health/shape: the 10 % of society ( largely athletes ) are in premium wellness, while the other 25 % are in regular health/shape.

The undermentioned spheres of health are cardinal to carry through entire wellness. The first is the societal sphere, and this is concerned with the development of personal relationships with household and friends. Next is the emotional sphere, which is concerned with the development of assurance, the ability to manage emphasis, and express emotions. The 3rd sphere is-physical, which is defined as the ability to exert decently, to eat healthy, and to avoid high hazard behaviour, such as smoke. The 4th is the rational sphere & # 8212 ; the ability to believe critically, to place and work out jobs. Last but non least, is the religious sphere concerned with happening significance and intent in life.

We will now discourse aging and wellness hazard factors. There are two types of aging: Chronological and functional. The Chronological age represents the transition of clip. This is our existent age in old ages. The Functional age represents the capacity of the organic structure to execute certa

in specific undertakings and is normally evaluated in a assortment of ways, such as trials of vision and hearing, physiological operation during exercising, etc. Other noticable alterations are: grey hair, increased per centum organic structure fat, and wrinkled tegument. Internal alterations include: clotted arterias, less efficient bosom and lungs and the lessened map of certain secretory organs. These aging alterations are inevitable, but some can be slowed down by avoiding behaviours with a high hazard factor. A hazard factor is defined as: wellness behaviour or personal features that has been associated with a peculiar disease. We can command the hazard factors associated with smoke, intoxicant ingestion, and hapless diet and exercising, by avoiding these things. We do non hold control over are gender, age, genetic sciences, race and household history though. Some hazard factors to take note of that are associated with smoke are: bosom disease, coronary artery disease which leads to arteriosclerosis ( hardening of the arterias ) , and malignant neoplastic disease. Its besides possible to acquire arterial sclerosis from a high fat/cholesterol diet. Problems caused by inordinate organic structure weight may be corinary bosom disease and diabetes. Low sums of exercising may besides do coranary bosom disease every bit good as fleshiness. One manner to avoid these jobs all together is to look into your entire cholesterin sum. This should be under 200. Not all cholesterin is bad though. The HDL is the good cholesterin, but the LDL is non because it carries plaque into arteria walls.

In decision, the way to wellness relys on a positive wellness life style. Here are 3 ways to follow this life style: develop an consciousness of countries in your life that demand betterment, develop a set of lasting positive wellness behaviours ( exercising on a regular basis, eat right ) , and go on these behaviours throughout your life.

I find the stuff we covered to be actuating, and enlightening, ofcourse. The good intelligence about health is that, for the most portion, we are in control of it. if we choose to be healthy, we can be healthy. That is the basic construct I gathered from the stuff covered.

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