What Are the Arguments for and Against Young Adults Living at Home?

Stay at Home, It is Cheaper! The habit of leaving home when you become an adult is in many cultures very normal. Boys or girls turn eighteen and the only thing they think about is getting their own apartment. It is a big but an exciting step and it needs preparation. But why do you want to move out of your parents house if you have everything you need? Freedom is one of the main reasons young adults want to leave their parents home.

The idea of going out all night, having sleepovers with strangers, throwing parties every weekend and arranging your own house in your own style. This sounds amazing in the ears of an eighteen year old man. It’s clear that having your own house at this age must be extremely exciting. Nevertheless, there are many other things that young people have to consider before moving away from their parents. The first few weeks of cooking for their selves might be a wonderful time for the young adults.

Acting like Gordon Ramsey and enjoying their homemade meals but in spite of this after these few weeks cooking like a professional the fun goes out. There might arise a certain feeling of desire to their mothers or fathers cooking qualities. Not only do they decide what is for dinner, they also buy all the ingredients. On account of saving money, many young adults stay with their parents. The fact that you will be responsible for everything in your small apartment is scary. You have to pay for everything by yourself and this will not be cheap, especially when you think of a broken furnace or a leaky pipe.

Secondly, the old folks house is probably nicer to be living in than the cheap apartment some people start living in. Basically, staying at your parents home will save you a lot of money. You can spend that money on your career for example. You will also have the ability to concentrate on your education or career instead of paying rent and bills. To conclude, there is nothing worse than moving from a beautiful house to a tiny apartment and there is nothing better than not paying anything for a roof over your head.

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