What Can Teenagers Do to Cope with or That He She Faces

What Can Teenagers Do To Cope With or That He / She Faces

Teenager is one of stage in human life cycle. At this stage, a person will face up the most of challenging, problems and learning the new things in life. One of the almost all teenagers will be through up is love relationship during school. What teenagers can do to cope with what that they faced are focus on study first, get advised and tips from experiences person one such as parents and teachers and read a lot of books to gain knowledge.

The love relationship matter during school should be abandoned by teenagers with focusing on study first. School life is the best time to gain knowledge. The dating problem can distracted student to focus on study and examinations. Student should grab the chance to get flying color since they were there. Set the goal what they really want in their life and shape their own future. For example, a student from Kelantan, Siti Fatimah Mokhtar who got the straight A’s in all twenty-two subject in SPM 2009. According to her, she never had a boyfriend before as well never thinking of that. She set a goal to become the best student without bounding with love from opposite sex. It’s not the time yet to looking for a guy but brings along parent’s hope.

All problem happened in teenager life are needed someone whose experience such as parents, counseling experts or teachers to discussed with. They got so many tips and good advices to deliver us. Leaving parents behind can get us to the worst matters like commit suicide and home-run. For example, a Canadian girl named Sara Benjamin was founded commit suicide with drinking the poisonous drink because of dating problems with her unfaithful boyfriend. Her mother was notified something fishy with her daughter even asking her. Sara was refused to telling her mother until she has founded in her room commit suicide.

There are some parents do not consider and understanding the problem faced by their son or.

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