What Does it Take to be Truly Successful in a Learning Environment?

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It is my view that for any teacher to be truly successful in the learning environment that a full understanding would be established of the group dynamics, such as personal characteristics, previous educational background and varying learning styles that suite each individual learner. It is widely recognized by many management theorists such as Honey and Uniform, 1982 and Kola, 1984 that people have different learning styles some of which are influenced by personality type, others are influenced by previous experiences in life. “Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Kola, 1984, p. 8). Therefore, research recommends that teachers should assess the learning styles of their dents and adapt their classroom methods to best fit each student’s learning style. My role when delivering training sessions within the work environment will begin by identifying the learners’ needs at the same time as trying to establish an environment built on clear two way communications to try and provide a safe, functional and trustworthy environment aiming to satisfy the basic physical and safety and belonging needs (Mascot, 1954).

Moscow (1954) suggests that establishing the varying needs, values, drives and priorities of people is incredibly valuable to every individual and can be utilized in the learning environment to create an effective learning environment. I will also ensure that the FILL Code of Practice is adhered to at all times ensuring that the following key aspects are fully embraced within the courses that I deliver: 1. Integrity 2. Respect 3. Care 4. Practice 5. Disclosure 6. Responsibility will also ensure that all work based policies and procedures are adopted such as the recruitment and selection policy, risk assessments and company policy handbooks.

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In most cases before the course starts, I will aim to carry out an initial assessment of all learners or by gaining additional information from their nine manager or Training Manager. This assessment continues as the course/ session progresses. I ensure further evaluation of learners’ needs continues on the first day of the course through a questionnaire and informal discussions. I believe this evaluation will also ease and encourage two-way communication during the training.

Research conducted by the Lifelong Learning UK (Gravel, Ann 2007) shows that ‘identifying needs’ is the first step in the training cycle which is made up of 6 activities, namely: Identifying Needs Planning Designing Facilitate Eng Assessing Evaluating Their research suggests that despite teachers having different roles and responsibilities they share the same broad activities. My role will include designing and managing training sessions and material according to companies’ requirements, and delivering training talks. This involves activities such as maintaining trainee records, filing, and photocopying.

Outside the class will be required to book venues and arrange visual aids, produce Powering material, and attend meetings. In order to facilitate learning, maintain a professional relationship with learners at all times, value them as individuals and support hem (Gravels, 2007). In the class, beside engaging and motivating learners, I ensure a safe and supportive learning environment; for example, it is my duty to set up and discuss with learners ground rules that establish safety and promote inclusion which reduces the barriers to participation and learning (Booth and Mansion, 2002).

I recognize the importance of monitoring and evaluating the learning as the programmer progresses and the importance of providing detailed feedback. Following the evaluation and after the training is complete, I also send out a feedback follow-up email to all learners. A significant area of my work involves HRS, Finance, Marketing and Management Information Systems which are all constantly developing and changing. It is my responsibility to keep up to date with knowledge and developments around these subjects.

It is important to maintaining memberships with relevant institutions in relation to my work which offer development and guidelines, and to regularly attending training courses. I follow my organization’s code of conduct and constantly refer to its manual, and update myself with legislations including the Health & Safety Act and the Equal Opportunities Act. Teachers have wide authority in the class for maximizing caching effectiveness and influencing a positive learning environment, but of course there are limits to how far they can go when performing their duties.

There are boundaries and limitations which should be clearly understood. These boundaries can normally be adhered to by following company policies and procedures that are put in place to aid the individual following them. As a teacher I will always ensure that my professional boundaries are never broken and that I utilities internal and external resources available for ensuring a safe teaching environment. As a teacher, I will never attempt to express or enforce y own beliefs whether religious or political. I will comply with my organization’s rules and policies.

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