A College Experience Truly Influences A Person To Develop Academically And Socially

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In relatively every culture and in all parts of the world, getting an education is significant to a person’s future. In the past, people did not worry about the advantage of receiving an advanced education, but now it’s crucial in today’s society. Individuals often see others by their appearances, as well as by their proficiencies. Businesses look for people with the most training, skills, and experiences. The main concern for many students nowadays is how they’re able to pursue a higher education. Nevertheless, some students lack interest in the value of being educated and consider it pointless. What is it that makes education so valuable? The purpose of a higher education provides a person the opportunity to be prosperous in life, either financially or ethically reliant on the desires that they set for their life.

It opens doors for individuals to broaden an advanced knowledge base, have financial stability, and become more productive members of society. College is a place where learning is empowered and students have the time and resources to absorb as much as possible. It is full of surprises, most of which originate from your own particular acknowledge of what you are fit for accomplishing, and the things you have to enhance. In my college graduate interview, my interviewee admits, “One of the huge benefits of going to college is the tackling of classes you would never imagine enjoying and finding out that you do enjoy them, appreciate the exposure, and finding new things you both wind up intrigued by and excel at.” Getting the necessary skills students need will assure the prosperity of anything they choose to do. Students learn to test their mental limits and think outside the box. They also learn how to use their time more efficiently and work around their schedules, which leads them to becoming more responsible and independent. There are always teachers who offer guidance to interested students. When else in life will you have someone whose job is it to try to make you a more intelligent and cultured human being?

You will learn from professors intellectually and learn a lot about your chosen major and about life. College is more of life preparation course that will help ensure a successful career. Students learn about respect, communication, and how to be a leader. Another way to look at it is self-development. Some students are narrow minded which limits them from learning about what college has to offer, often making them more anguished and in distress. In his “Kenyon Commencement Speech”, David Foster Wallace explains “Learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience.” (202) Wallace gives a glance at life after college, alongside how it tends to deplete students. His vision gives us a better understanding on how to balance your emotions, how not to give in to your daily routine, and appreciate life a little more.

Only you have the power to choose what you acknowledge and how it will influence you for the duration of your life.As the job market becomes more competitive, a degree will give a person a step ahead of everyone else. In her article “Why Your College Degree Has More Value Than You Think” Lizzie Wann, states, “Graduates not only have higher job retention rates during a recession, but also an easier time finding re-employment due to higher marketability than their non-graduate colleagues. That means less stress overall during tough economic times.” (3) Not only does a college degree make you more marketable, it makes you more marketable to a substantially more prominent scope of career options. Graduates are usually more happier with their careers because they are able to find higher paying jobs, get enlisted by employers that offer generous benefits, and get into positions with job advancement openings.

The most important part is that they’re able to work in fields and industries that fascinate them. Once you have that degree, a feeling of self-pride and achievement will boost one’s confidence to take on the universe of employment. This nation is built upon the driving force of an advanced education, which translates into power, wealth, and prosperity. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live in a mansion with a six-figure salary?Education is crucial to bring a nation out of poverty and is the foundation of the growth of the nation’s economy. Our economy will flourish if an emphasis on a higher education is promoted. To demonstrate, the country of Nigeria is prosperous with their resources but has a poor educational system. Consequently, a vast majority of the citizens there are poor. In contrast, the country of Japan has a lack of resources, however, their educational system is very successful. The school year starts in April and ends in March and their graduation rate after high school is much higher than ours. After middle school, they may choose to continue onto high school or find employment. Japan’s economy is the second wealthiest in the world due to their vast resources of hard-working and highly disciplined people as well their advanced technology. A higher education creates a quality workforce and promotes economic steadiness by growing and preparing students for success.

If the government donated more of its money to help those students that cannot bear the cost of college, such training will capacitate dedicated and hard-working people, which will do well to the U.S economy and give it innumerable future advantages. It has the capacity and knowledge necessary to increase in innovation, globalization, and demographics. Society will have much more advantages due to the nature of one’s brilliance within a community. It is true that a portion of the courses you choose won’t be based on a set list that will satisfy the requirements of your major. You’re expected to take a class just to meet your credit requirements round out a difficult semester or. In his article “The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone,” Brian Caplan agrees when he writes, “From Kindergarten on, students spend thousands of hours studying subjects irrelevant to the modern labor market. Why do English classes focus on literature and poetry instead of business and technical writing? […]

The class clown who snarks “What does this have to do with real life?” is onto something.” (1) However, it’s best to take diverse classes that will meet your personal goals. If you’re a business student who wants to be as marketable as possible, take a writing course to enhance your written communication skills. Thinking along these lines looks great to potential businesses down the line, as it demonstrates your initiative to conceive brand new ideas and make yourself a better candidate. You should think about those courses that will make the required courses in your major much more applicable. Regardless of whether you decide something isn’t for you, taking that class will give you a better understanding of who you are as a person or what you want in life and that’s ultimately what all undergraduates are all about.    

Overall, a college experience truly influences a person to develop academically and socially. It is an accomplishment that no one could ever take away from you. We face obstacles and challenges that have helped develop the people we are today. You will be much more educated than in high school and as a result, you will settle on better decisions and judgments. It will expose you to people, ideas, and topics that you would never encounter in high school. In many other countries, they have very little access to education. It is important to take advantage of our educational resources that our country has given us and make the most of our experience, and eventually make the most of our careers. It takes someone who is interested in learning and who is devoted and determined to succeed to go to college. College is what you make of it and it can be the greatest years of your life.

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