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Sacrifices come in different shapes and sizes. The sacrifice can be big or small, long or short, or extraneous amounts of effort or very little effort needed. The rewards for the sacrifice might be big or small but the satisfaction of doing it will be all the reward one will need. However, one should know when to sacrifice and not sacrifice everything all at once without knowing the outcome. Therefore one should know the different types of sacrifice, the values, and when to make one.

There are many types of sacrifice, but there are three main types of sacrifice: money, time, and labor. People sacrifice their money whenever they lend someone money or donate to charity. I have seen poor people and rich alike donate. The donation can be big or small but it is sacrificing money. People volunteer as well sacrificing their time.Time can be sacrificed by the hour or day but the volunteer is still sacrificing their time to do anything from desk work to hard labor. Laboring is always a hard sacrifice to do because it requires more effort than the other two types. volunteers sacrifice their time and labor to build houses and other things. The kinds of sacrifice range for giving money to building houses and everything in between and it is important that one knows what they are getting into before hand.

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One might be rewarded for their sacrifice but the satisfaction from sacrificing is reward enough for most. I personally sacrifice my time through my church by helping serve retreats and it feels great to be giving my time to the retreat’s cause. Everyone at the retreats I served at feel good and happy after they have served a retreat and have actually called the feeling after the retreat an emotional high. The feel-good feeling after making an honorable sacrifice is all the reward one will need although one may be rewarded for their sacrifice.

Making an honorable sacrifice is a great act indeed but one will need to know when to make it. Before one can make a sacrifice they must know how to make the sacrifice and if they can make one. Once one has acquired that information they can decide to make the sacrifice or not make it. The person should also assess the situation; if what they are sacrificing or what they are sacrificing for is needed or morally/socially obligated. The sacrifice has to be needed and/or socially/morally obligated and the person has to be able to do the sacrifice in order for it to be a honorable sacrifice.

Knowing the different types of sacrifices, their values, and when to make one is important to know when considering a sacrifice. One should know what sacrifice they plan on doing to better understand the sacrifice. Although one may be rewarded, the feel-good feeling is all that is needed for most. Knowing if one can make a sacrifice is important to know to make the needed sacrifice. Sacrifices are needed throughout the world, one would just need to know how to make the sacrifice.

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