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An Argument Essay about Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

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An Argument Essay about Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

            The population of illegal immigrants in the United States is growing in number. An estimate of their total population in 2006 was published based under the context that illegal immigrants are born in a foreign land that are not considered as citizens and legal inhabitants of the country. According to the study, the country is housing an estimated 11.6 million illegal immigrants in the first quarter of 2006, and continuous to grow up to the present year.

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An Argument Essay about Illegal Immigrant Amnesty
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The majority of illegal immigrants were of Mexican descent. (Hoefer, Rytina, Campbell 1)

Illegal immigration is against the laws and constitution of the country. However, the Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA) Amnesty was approved in 1986 in order to grant official pardon to illegal immigrants in the country that time. The amnesty act was planned to take effect only once during that year, however, since then seven amnesties were granted to illegal immigrants in different years. (“Amnesty for Illegal Aliens”)

Here lies an argument about the significance of the laws and regulations implemented in the nation, and the violation of these laws in order to grant amnesty to people who have committed illegal acts.

The Republican Party does not support the granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants. This claim is based on the grounds that constitution should not be taken for granted, rather upheld and adhered to as the ruling body of a nation. Forgiving an illegal act is like making room for more illegal acts that shall be done in the future.

Since the first granting of amnesty in 1986, large population of illegal immigrants continued to thrive in the country, which led to the seven other amnesties granted after that. (“Amnesty for Illegal Aliens”) This fact only proves that forgiving the violation of a law, results to succeeding violations. The granting of amnesty becomes a motivation for other people from foreign lands to enter the country illegally. This result to an unending chain of law violations that the country needs to uncover and regulate.

In addition, the educational profile and level of knowledge and skills in the industry of illegal immigrants who reside in the country greatly affects the economic status of the country. Research studies and statistics have proved that almost 85 percent of the total population of illegal immigrants has not acquired a degree in a college of university. This percentage was only able to acquire at least a high school diploma. Amnesty will grant these illegal immigrants the benefits that the U.S. government offers. Therefore, taxes that citizens have to pay will rise accordingly. The cost was estimated to reach almost $2.6 trillion. (Rector)

            The impact of earning low levels of education for illegal immigrants and their taking in the country as legal immigrants will be the leading cause of budget deficits in the nation’s funds and the increase in tax that citizens shall pay. Their high school diploma will get them jobs, but these jobs will be on the lower levels of the industry, thus, allowing them to earn only a small salary as compared to the average U.S. born citizen. Low salary means low taxes to pay, but even if they pay only small amounts of taxes, they still acquire equal benefits that the average taxpayers receive. (“The High Cost of Cheap Labor”)

            The facts presented above were the main grounds on which the Republican Party bases its decision not to support the illegal immigrant amnesty program. To support this aim, the party supports the development and control of territorial boundaries in order to ensure that no illegal immigrant enters the country undetected. Moreover, the sanctions for employers who take in illegal immigrant workers, and employees who are illegal immigrants themselves shall be strongly implemented. Moreover, the party pushes the use of biometrics in order to monitor the comings and goings of people who enter and leave the country. This would ensure that the country scrutinizes everyone who enters the country in order to detect illegal immigrants. (“2004 Republican Party Platform: on Immigration”)

            Although these facts are presented for the government and the people’s appraisal, bills that the government passes and several groups within the country still support amnesty for illegal immigrants. President Bush is showing his support the immigration bill, but with certain clauses including the strengthening of law implementation regarding the country’s borders and territorial expanse, and also the penalties that shall be awarded to business organizations which employs or plans to employ illegal immigrants. (“Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants”) The support for the amnesty program is also grounded on that although illegal immigrants would only yield small amounts of taxes for the country, it is still more than the deficit in taxes when they stay illegal immigrants who are not obligated to pay for taxes (“The High Cost of Cheap Labor”). These grounds are the basis for the Democratic Party’s support for the granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants in the country.

Moreover, the illegal immigrant population is also supported by labor unions in the country. Unions support the amnesty program and also the lifting of penalties that the government shall grant business organizations, which employ illegal immigrants. These claims are grounded on the need for the labor industry to acquire more workers in order to hasten production at all costs. In addition, labor unions are fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants as the population of these immigrants continues to be exploited and violated by their employers. (Greenhouse)

            The strong support of the Democratic Party is evident on their stand through their votes in Congress. The majority members of the Democratic Party vote against the proposal of the Republican Party for securing borders at all costs, penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants, and the monitoring the identity of everyone who enters the country. (Smith) Although the points of view of each part is opposing, it is important for them to come to terms with what is fitting for the American society. As members of the government who is responsible for the welfare of the country, both parties should be trusted to settle indifferences and arrive at a consensus which guarantees the best for the American people.

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