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What Is the Purpose of Strategy?

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The purpose of this strategy was ultimately take from the rich and give it to the poor.

What strategic problems does Robin Hood have? The problem that Robin Hood face was an ever growing crew. Due to this He had a much harder time overlooking everything that was happening. on top of this, there was a lack of financial means to sustain their growing number; which in turn resulted in a lack of devotion and discipline. Robin also had the sheriff constantly watching him and his crew.

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What Is the Purpose of Strategy?
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This made it very hard for their plans to effect. on top of that, the sheriff’s troop are better trained and organize. What is the role of the organizational leader as strategist and articulator of global goals? Robin created the band by default making him the leader of the group. As a leader, he has to make the important decision regarding all the motions and delegated tasks to the members. Ultimately, the plan was to take from the rich and give them to the poor. Robin knows his crew very well and assign them with task that they are well fitted for.

Like all great leader, you must play toward your strength and the strength of your team. What are some issues in this organization’s external environment? There are two problems that I like to address. The first is Robin’s ever-growing number of men. the second problem is their environment. With such a limited space to hide, a growing number of members would make them more noticeable. Despite Robin’s best effort, loyalty unfortunately comes at a steep price. Sooner or later someone might end up giving the gangs hideout. What is the relationship of the organization’s internal structure to its environment? One of the internal structure is that Robin Hood doesn’t have a direct link to his first line of recruits, due to the growing band it has led to the growing problem in his organization resulting in the lack of coordination.

How do stakeholder values or culture influence strategy making? The reason Robin Hood created this mission is because the idea of unity and profit for the poor. The same people fighting along him share these same values. They despise the rich and saw a problem with uneven distribution of wealth. It just took someone like Robin Hood to be brave enough to fight for these values. What strategy can Robin Hood implement? Robin has a key advantage over the sheriff. He is very close with his men. Therefore, loyalty run deeper than financial gains. He also is very much aware of his crew’s special talent. He capitalized on this by assigning them certain task that would result in higher percentage of success. As organize as the Sheriff’s troops are; they don’t have that sense of integrity to fight until the last men. They are employed by the king and their organization lack comradery of brotherhood.

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