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What social Issues do you feel strongly about? How do you go about solving personal problems? Do you readily seek help from others when you need It? Which of your values would you like to change? 1) What social issues do I feel strongly about? I feel strongly that the minimum wage should be raised because the lower class will be able to provide for themselves and their families. The government feels the lower your class, the lower the cost of living , which is not necessarily true.

I think that it’s more expensive to live in a lower class area. For example in Dayton,Ohio, the cost of vying is “IoW’ as opposed to Atlanta,Georgia, and the high expense of living. At the wage it is at they will never be able to rise out of the poverty stricken levels. It seems like the cost of living and food is steady rising but the pay Is slowing rising. Companies are making millions and even billions and Its employees are barely able to make a decent living, while the higher ups need to take a pay cut.

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Employees who make minimum wage have a much higher stress load and are at the crossroads between paying the light bill or putting food on the table. Then you have the higher as who seems to only have to decide where they want to go for vacation or what new car or house to buy. 2) How do I go about solving personal problems? When I need to solve a personal problem I try to first figure out what is causing the issue and what I can do to eliminate it. If that doesn’t help I seek help from family and friends who have the same issue or issues.

I try to find someone who has experience and ask them what they have done to help them out. I also seek help from professional doctors, therapists, instructors and or counselors. I understand that mom problems will not go away on their own or overnight so I make sure to not get overwhelmed. It was suggested that I take It one problem , one step and one day at a time. I have also learned that writing in journal or notebook has helped as well. I believe that listening to music and meditating are also great ways to reduce stress and solve problems.

A lot of people tend to use violence as away to escape there problems. I on the other hand am totally against violence unless its really called for. When I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, stressed and hurt, it cause anxiety to kick n fullest extreme. 3) Do I readily seek help from others when I need It? I do not always seek help from others when I need It because I have found that a lot of people tend to give their personal opinions versus helpful advice. I do however seek help from a few Individuals when every other option hasn’t helped or worked out.

It depends on the issue and the person in whom I am asking. For example if I figuring it out for at least three days before I would even consider seeking additional help. It’s not so much that I’m independent. I don’t mind receiving help , I Just rather e able to say I did this on my own. Some individuals end to feel that they are better than you when you seek help from them. 4) Which of my values would I like to change? I would like to change my focus and my ambition for my youngest son to go to college because I want that to be his decision. Do not want my focus and what I want for him to drown out his own focus or dreams in life. Of course, I want him to do well and excel in life but I want him to make his own decisions and choices so he does not resent me when he gets older. As his mother it is easy to want to plan his life, career hooch, mate, house car, etc etc but I understand that he will be an adult and make his own choices and all I can do is raise him to be a respectable young man and teach him good home values.

Also as his mother , I can be a positive role model for him. Some mothers tend to get angry with their children , when they see them doing the same behaviors they were showing. As my son gets older I wont do things around him, that I wouldn’t want him doing as a man. I do know he will do what he feels is best for him. I Just have to accept that my focus and ambition is to be the best mother I can be for him.

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