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When Greed Gives Way to Giving

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Kelly Dixon
English 125- L
Lisa Reason
The story: When Greed Gives Way to Giving.
1. The author first tells the factual story of Bob Thompson’s windfall and then discusses its meaning. What does she believe is the point, or importance of his story?
The importance of this story is to show, Mr. Thompson, to be a kind, giving person and have a big heart. Not all people are selfish and greedy. Some rich people can be selfish and cruel to others, because of their status of wealth and what they stand for.

I think he feels that he need to change this perception, of being in control and looking down at those who is not rich or not wealthy, because he is. Mr. Thompson is changing the way he had been, to a person who cares about people around him. Giving is a good feeling you get, when you give something to a person who is less fortunate.
2. I think generosity is a rare quality in today’s society.

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When Greed Gives Way to Giving
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Yes, It is true, because, I myself is a generous person, I give to those who is less fortunate than others, For example if there is a homeless person on the street, or a person who is need of help, yes I will try to comfort them. Giving brings you a good feeling, a feeling you cannot describe, it feel good, and you will receive blessing from God for being this way. People cannot help how they ended up in the world, living on the street or living in a dream house. Just to know that there are special people like Mr. Thompson live in our society that will give a helping hand to the needy is great.
3. I agree Buddhism teaches greed and selfishness, and this is overstated, for humans
Buddhism teaches that the causes of human suffering are greed and selfish desire. Would you agree, or is it an overstated?
It is overstated because they do not have any selfishness or greed.
What is wrong with greed and selfish desire?
Buddhism religion enlightening their reality with mediation. Pleasure needs, material things and immorality, all of which are wants that can.

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