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Ten Promises Essay, Research Paper

Why are the Ten Commandments besides the Ten Promises? Christians see the Ten Commandments as the Laws of God. They regard the Ten Commandments as the basic moral codification of world. Christians see it as a guideline of how God wants our life to be lived. Each one of the Ten Commandments is a demand from God. God is stating us how to populate our life. God wants us to obtain a closer relationship with him. In making this we will be more like God. A promise is implied in every one of the 10 demands. Christians believe that God wants us to maintain each one of the Ten Commandments as promises, to demo our religion and love for him. The Ten Commandments assure a life of unity, trueness, fear, remainder, stableness, life, fidelity, generousness, truthfulness, and contentment. The Ten Commandments can be split into two groups of promises. Commandments one to four, tells us to assure to love and honour God. Commandments five to ten, state us to assure to love and esteem our fellow adult male.

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Why Is The Ten Commandments Also The
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Personally, I think the first promise of & # 8220 ; unity & # 8221 ; is the most of import one out of the 10. It would be hard to assure to maintain the other nine promises, while interrupting the first promise of unity. We promise to hold unity by functioning no other Gods but God. God wants us to our lives in his custodies so he can steer us. We as Christians must give ourselves to God. We must hold faith in God. God wants us to set

him foremost in our lives and non allow any other Gods or graven images block our relationship with him. God wants to be the focal point of our lives. For me, this promise is the hardest 1 for me to carry through. Bing a college pupil, there are a batch of distractions and things that get in the manner with my relationship with God. For illustration, it is difficult sometimes to set God foremost when an test or finals come about. Sometimes I would set school work in front of God and non travel to church and remain place and survey. I know that making good in school is nil without God. But recently I have been seting school work aside and go toing church when tests are around because I realize that God must come foremost in my life and so other things.

The promise of & # 8220 ; truthfulness & # 8221 ; is besides of major importance to Christians. The Ninth Commandment teaches us non to bear false informant against our neighbour. Basically if person breaks the promise of non killing, non perpetrating criminal conversation, non stealing and non coveting 1s neighbor & # 8217 ; s house, they are disrespecting non merely 1s neighbor but God. We must love and esteem our enemies. God created every one of us so if we do incorrectly to person, we are making incorrect to God.

To me, these two promises of & # 8220 ; unity & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; truthfulness & # 8221 ; are the most promises to God. We are called Christians because believe in God and we love and esteem his creative activity. We try to maintain the Ten Commandments as 10 promises of how we should populate our life.

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