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History of Women’s Rights Movement

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t was long ago when women were looked upon as slaves to the hard Working, man. In

today’s society women now are more respected and are acceptable for many jobs as

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History of Women’s Rights Movement
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men are. Yet, long before our time during World War II, women were thought many

different things that they could only imagine. During the postwar, women were, then

equipped with many different abilities colliding with their home chores and knowledge.

Women then took their stand and many acts were passes in their favor.

In this essay I

shall be discussing the many different requirements women went through during World

War II, their postwar abilities, and the discussion of what the men in the past had

The war’s demand, the war had made the proposition to the women to do the man’s

work (Leahy, pg.35). Women were encouraged to take these jobs for the first time in

history. To some it was a shock but to many it was a divine privilege.

By 1942 a poll

showed that only 13% of Americans opposed women in the workforce (Leahy, pg.36).

Many of them also became war nurses and helped many of the men recover. It would

seem that women’s interests in occupational equality were directly linked to the

nation’s state of distress. Many women were exceptionally well at making bombs and

took the place of men. During the war women received many different opportunity and

advancement in their lives. Even though there were many laws prohibiting women from

working they still came through for our country (Walker, pg.2). For once women were

looked at as producers and not reproducers.

After the war the men had returned home and back steps began to take place with the

women. In 1945, 3/4 of the women polled by the Women’s Bureau of the Department of

Labor wished to continue working which showed their interests in the skills they

possessed. During this point much frustration ran through these women for the men had

created “homemaker” for the description of a women’s job and life. Women continued

working during the postwar and grew stronger.

The veterans of the war were not so opposed but more rejecting to the fact of women

taking their places. Knowing that the women would help the war’s progress greatly

many issues were discussed before allowing them to work. The government wanted

power towards them, to have possession of influence that the women undergoes.

Giving them the freedom of choice or the act of selection when postwar would take

place. Even though women now have the act of selection (choice) and somewhat of

power to my view the government is till grateful for giving them that privilege.

The years following World War II were unique in the history of American women. It was

realized by many that women could be producers as well as reproducers and looked at

in a different way. The government used women in their survival during the war.

Women were encouraged to take wartime jobs only, then return to their homes to make

room for the returning veterans. Women of those years have effected the women of

today greatly. They have given the women of today hope and acceptation of their right

to decide how they would like to live.


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History of Women’s Rights Movement. (2018, Jun 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/woments-rights-essay/

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