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A Blow A Kiss by Tim Winton

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Tim Winton is about a man who gets to motor accident and it so happens that this two males (father and son) saw the accident. So they helps the injured man, while the dad went to find a telephone booth nearby, the son, Albie, stayed and comforted the man. The man was loosing too much blood and close to dying so they had no choice but to bring the injured man to its father. They found the dad in a pub late at night.

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A Blow A Kiss by Tim Winton
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As Albie’s dad showed hat had happened to the man’s father, instead of being humble and sad about it, he got mad and raged. He took his own rage to his own son. In the Story, there were a lot symbolisms. Albie was represented as caring and soft but scared at the same time, like the way he held on the Tilley lamp. The injured man was mentioned with a leather jacket being torn, saying that he might be a motorbike rider.

Some parts on the story were very strong, has a depth. ‘The fallen rider lay, gored jaws apart, beneath him. The author created the setting to be dark and scary and the only lighting they had was the headlights of Albie’s car. Fatherhood: When Albie’s dad’s kn uckles touched Albie’s cheeks, it meant that he loves Albie very much. The injured man’s dad was very drunk, so he didn’t know what he was doing. So he panicked and instead of crying, he took his madness to his son, banging his son’s head to a metal bed.

The part where Albie’s dad went to town for help even though they don’t know who the man as meant that he is a caring person and will do anything to help. The story overall, is a powerful text. It has very strong words and a lot of depth. I personally did not like the story because it wasn’t satisfying for me and I didn’t like the concept of the story. Other reasons the story’ did not appeal to me is because some of the conventions and phrases were very confusing for me to understand. Overall the story made me feel depressed and sad for the motorbike rider.

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