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A brief introduction to beneficiation process criteria



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    For the dressing plant, a variety of beneficiation process indicators are directly related to the level of effectiveness of selected plant essential. So for some of the major indicators of beneficiation process is necessary to know, in order to be able to play a guiding role in the actual production of the processing plant. Here Xiaobian by a brief introduction from the Xinhai mining machine learned information.
    Beneficiation process criteria are: grade (grade ore, concentrate grade), yield, mineral ratio, high-grade ore ratio, metal recovery.Quartz Sand Dressing Production Line
    First, grade
    In fact, quality is the product of the metal taste, is the product of the weight of the metal for the product weight ratio. Grade general chemical analysis (or other methods) to determine, as a percentage. For example: copper concentrate grade of 20%, that is, contains twenty tons of copper in concentrate in dry tons.
    Grade is usually expressed by the Greek letter, specifically: ?– indicate ore grade, ?– said the concentrate grade, ?– expressed tailings grade.
    Taste for dressing plant, the general will want to increase ore, concentrate grade and lower grade tailings. The main reason is because the metal content of the ore grade level representative how many concentrator processing high-grade ore and low-grade ore is not the same effect. Processing high-grade ore, we should concentrate the amount obtained under the same conditions than the treatment of low-grade ore. At the same time they can reduce costs and grinding balls consumption. Therefore, the ore grade is a factor affecting the level of concentrate production. At present, some concentrator began to gradually take some measures to improve the ore grade, such as installing Dry magnetic pulley broken system.
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