Places to Visit with Family in Atlanta

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Traveling is one of my family’s favourite things to make. The household has visited legion topographic points throughout the United States. nevertheless. none are every bit memorable as Atlanta. Georgia. In Atlanta. there are many topographic points to travel and sights to see such as: Cola-cola mill. Cabbage Patch Kids Factory. Under Ground Mall. the Zoo. Atlanta Braves Stadium. Six Flags Over Georgia. Stone Mountain Park. and the Atlanta Aquarium. are all in or near the metropolis of Atlanta. The three that we visit on every trip to Atlanta are Six Flags. Stone Mountain. and the Atlanta Aquarium.

Six Flags Over Georgia is a subject park incorporating anything from carnival nutrients to trilling drives. Six Flags provides many activities for all ages. It is non at wholly uncommon to see celebrated sketch characters. such as Bugs Bunny. rolling around the park. Older kids and grownups who possess strong tummies may bask siting the assorted roller coasters available. For illustration. The Batman. is my favourite. The Batman goes up and down steep hills and even cringles upside down. My married woman closes her eyes the whole clip on this drive. Six Flags besides has H2O drives available to maintain people cool. My favourite is Thunder River and Hurricane Harbor. Last June. my household and I were lucky plenty to acquire caught under the waterfall on Thunder River we were soaked which was good because we were hot. Six Flags besides has games to play and many souvenir stores. As for the carnival nutrients I mentioned earlier. the funnel bars are perfectly delightful. I would extremely urge Six Flags as a topographic point to travel when sing the Atlanta country.

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Stone Mountain Park is another tourer attractive force near Atlanta. We spend most of our clip there when sing Atlanta. Not merely is it a fun topographic point to see. but it is besides historical. The mountain is the largest open piece of granite in the universe. The face of the mountain was carved by the same adult male who carved Mt. Rushmore ; nevertheless. he did non complete it. The carving. which is located on the top of the mountain. remained unfinished until it became a province park. There is a high wire auto that takes visitants up to the top of the mountain or one can pick to boost up the mountain. The carving represents three cardinal figures of the Confederacy siting their Equus caballuss. which are Ulysses Grant. Robert E. Lee. and Jefferson Davis.

The breadth of the carving is the breadth of a football field. Along with historical museums. the park has campsites and horseback equitation. a train that goes around the mountain. There are besides these vehicles that go on land and H2O. These car/boat vehicles are called Ducks. When you ride this attractive force you are given a whistling that sounds like a duck quack raging but merriment at the same clip. My favourite activity. nevertheless. is the optical maser show. The optical maser show takes topographic point on the face of the mountain followed by a pyrotechnic show. During the autumn there is a autumn festival with a pumpkin spot. My married woman has the most endearing images of my childs in this pumpkin spot.

Last. but decidedly non the least. is the Atlanta Aquarium. My household and I did non even cognize this was attractive force when sing in 2005. we merely go on to be sing the hebdomad it opened. The fish tank ever has a assortment of sea life to position. The aquarium’s animate beings are displayed in six different galleries: Georgia Explorer. Tropical Diver. Ocean Voyager. Cold Water Quest. River Scout. and Dolphin Tales. Each corresponds to a specific environment. The Georgia Explorer exhibit is geared particularly towards kids. Of class this is my children’s favourite topographic point in the Aquarium. It features a figure of touch armored combat vehicles with searays and sharks every bit good as exhibits having sea polo-necks and the wildlife of coral reef. My household and I spend several hours in here petting the sea life. There is besides a cafe and keepsake store. My girl still has the large determination Nemo stuffed carnal that we purchased on our first visit in 2005.

In decision. there are many topographic points to see in Atlanta. The most exciting 1s include Six Flags. Stone Mountain. and the Atlanta Aquarium. Each one offer assorted signifiers of merriment for all ages. For case. Six Flags offer kiddie drives every bit good as drives for the older kids and grownups. Stone Mountain Park offers horseback equitation and optical maser shows. Last. the Atlanta Aquarium. offers great marine life and custodies on educational attractive forces.Everyone should see the metropolis of Atlanta at least one time. I know I have.

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