A Narrative and Explanation of My Favorite Quote in Life

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My favorite quote is, “Life does not let you down. Your expectations do!” It is my favorite quote because it tells a significant meaning about one’s failure from his self-driven expectations. Every person has some ambitions in life, making him work hard in every moment. The life is a gift from God to the humans, but the humans make it complicated from their own thoughts and actions. It is actually the people’s extraordinary expectations that drive them ultimately to their failure. A person should expect for something based on his available resources and put forth efforts. The people’s act of simply expecting most of the things from life without considering the surrounding or actual facts result in their overall failure. The life is a meaning of living both for oneself and for others. However, the people live for themselves while setting too many goals and targets in their life. It finally lets them down to the bottom line without any hope of surviving again.

It is pertinent to note that a person’s expectation forms the basis of his happy life or difficult moments. The people should limit their expectations till the level of their available resources or their capability of putting efforts. They need to remain sincere while complying with the expectation-related rules, regulations, and obligations. They need to work hard beyond their actual ability in order to fulfill their diverse expectations in life. Concerning the above facts, it is obvious that the people usually expect more from life without realizing their own limits. In fact, the people can control only themselves while making any type of expectation. It is truly not possible to control other people when fulfilling one’s own expectation. Consequently, it causes the people either to face difficulties in their life or simply face an ultimate failure while even losing their easy-to-fulfill expectations.

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Which Teacher Influenced Me and Why

From my past, one teacher significantly influenced me from her scholastic teaching attribute. She was an English teacher and her name was “Mrs. Caroline Fernandez”. It was actually her sophisticated tone and a wise teaching style that influenced me to adopt her attributes in my nature. She was quite helpful to every student with every of their needs. She showed a great interest in helping me throughout my academic study. She used to give me some extra time in order to develop my ability in the weak academic areas. It influenced me to help other students in their need of help while applying the same teaching style of Mrs. Fernandez.

Mrs. Fernandez’s most influencing factor was her professional way of interacting with the students. She used to give a chance of asking questions to all the students, enabling them to clarify their study-based concerns where possible. She always used a soft tone while communicating with me regardless of the subject matter. She also remained supportive to me in dealing with my personal problems, whenever I enquired about them. Her care for the human beings was another passionate attribute that attracted me toward her kind nature. I am now even equally passionate to serve the humans with every of my best ability and available resources, as and when needed.

Moreover, Mrs. Fernandez used to share her personal experiences of contributing to some social welfare activities. For example, she used to tell stories of her humanitarian works, making my heart becoming more prone to some social and cultural works. Her scholastic teaching attribute together with a soft tone and a helping nature increasingly attracted my life to be similar to her. Though I have not been in her contact with her for some long time, I still apply her teaching style while helping other students. I have also involved myself in contributing to some social welfare activities, similar to Mrs. Fernandez, thereby making my nature and personality quite influencing like her.

Which Country Would I Visit and Why?

If I could visit any country, then it would be France, particularly the city of Paris. The first reason for choosing the country of France is its several beautiful attractions. For example, the Disneyland Paris is a wonderful place, similar to the original Disneyland of Los Angeles. It is the Europe’s most beautiful theme park that attracts thousands of visitors around the world. There is a range of spectacular rides available together with a nearby golf club, shopping malls, and resort hotels. Being located in Central Paris, it is actually the second Disney Park opened outside the U.S.

The second reason for choosing France is its stylish older women and the country’s natural look. France is full of stereotypically frumpy older women who really attack the men of every kind. The French women dress entirely in a non-trashy way, such as wearing thigh-high boots and rocking leather pants. Similarly, the natural look of France is quite appreciating to everyone. There is a wide availability of French women made-up brands that are competing with the internationally recognized brands of Lancôme, L’Oreal, Clarins, YSL, Dior, and Chanel. The French women made-up brands truly inspire a natural look while being very soft in general.

The third reason for choosing France is it’s Seine Cruise. Passing through the English Channel, the Seine Cruise is spread around 500 miles (800 km) through France. The visitors’ most romantic thing is enjoying Seine Cruise while captivating the pictures of natural beauty. The moments of Seine Cruise enable the visitors to joy and pass through different other bridges. These include the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre. Though it takes around one hour to complete a Seine Cruise, it gives an immense pleasure to the tourists in such a magical hour. The beauty of France becomes more wonderful and appreciative when the Seine Cruise is experienced at night.

The fourth and last reason for choosing France is its greatest wonder recognized around the world, the Eiffel Tower. This iconic symbol of Paris has been ranking among the top monumental historic as well as a leading tourist attraction. Being placed higher in the Champ de Mars Park, the Eiffel Tower has a height of 300 meters (over 1,000 feet). The 1889 World Exposition was the actual period of its iconic structure, making it still the world’s most visiting wonder. The Eiffel Tower is recognized as the world’s most photographed tourist attraction. In fact, it provides a great chance to the visiting tourists to capture its photos, both during the day and night times, thereby giving a wonderful experience of visiting France round the clock, 24 hours.

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