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My Long-Term Goals Involve Growing With a Company

My Goal

Words: 434 (2 pages)

My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible to the team. My goal is to develop and use my management and communications skills and want to develop into a position that allows me to continue to use these…

Don’t Tell Me What to Do


My Goal

Words: 422 (2 pages)

It was my turn to have a meeting with the career counsellor at my school. I was in grade X at that time and went in to meet her. Before she could even start, I blurted out, “Please do not tell me to become an engineer or a doctor. There is only one thing I…

My Career Goal, Which I Have Been Working

My Goal

Words: 364 (2 pages)

My career goal, which I have been working towards throughout my college, is to become a good researcher and extension worker in the field of turfgrass. My research interests include turfgrass physiology and sports turfgrass management. As far as my specific research interests are concerned, I am particularly interested on plant physiology. How the plants…

My Educational and Career Goals

My Goal

Words: 337 (2 pages)

This is to express my intent to pursue Ph.D in Data sciences at Harrisburg University of Science and technology for the summer 2019 cohort. My research interests include unstructured data analysis, natural language processing and human centric design. I am a current student at HU pursuing MS in Analytics and expected to graduate in June 2019….

My Preparation To Take Part In Veterinary Technician Program

I Want To Be

My Goal

Words: 955 (4 pages)

I am very interested in Veterinary Technician Program because I’ve always had a special place in my heart for animals. Many teenagers are stressed out because they don’t know what they want to do with their lives. I, on the other hand, know exactly what I would like to do in the future and how…

Career Goals in Computer Science and Engineering

Career Goals

My Goal

Words: 445 (2 pages)

Educational Background & Previous Professional Experience I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. During my under-graduation, I made steady progress and built a strong foundation of technical knowledge through conscientious learning and concerted study methods, and always made a firm effort to remain abreast with all path-breaking advancements in my field. Post…

Personal Experince Paper

My Goal

Words: 304 (2 pages)

My deployment, in support of Operation New Dawn (OND), as part of the Ali Al Salem Camp Command Cell, expanded my experience as a leader and facilitated the development of my Soldiers during mobilization and deployment. The mission of the 197th Fires Brigade (FiB) for OND from September 2010 to September 2011 was to manage…

Path Goal Theory Developed in the ‘70s by Robert J. House

My Goal

Words: 1437 (6 pages)

Leadership has been a controversial topic within businesses for many years. Many different theories have been researched and discovered, but the factors to determine how a leader should act, what traits they should have, or what kind of behavior they should express is hard to find within one theory. Merging many different strategies into one…

My Life-long Journey with Web Development and Why I Want To Change My Major


My Goal

Words: 1067 (5 pages)

Sunlight entered my bedroom illuminating it. As the rays grew in intensity, a single ray beamed from a crack in the window onto my eyes. I slowly open my eyes to the harsh light and turn my head away from it, but at that moment I jolted off from my bed realizing that today is…

Financial Analyst Career Goals

Career Goals

My Goal

Words: 1284 (6 pages)

The career I intend to pursue is financial analyst or a similar career in the financial field. Since I was young I have wanted to go into business and recently I had interest specifically in the financial aspect of business. After discussing with some people in the field and doing research the financial field meets…

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