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If I Were Essays

If I Were a Genie

Fill in the Location and Nearest Parcel fields only for those complaints that are on public property. Every complaint must have a valid parcel associated with it in order for the complaint to appear on an inspector’s list. But if the complaint (egg- like a sign complaint) is not actually on the parcel – use …

If I Were a Sergeant Major of the Army for a Day

If I Were a Sergeant Major of the Army for a Day If I would serve the country as a Sergeant Major of the Army for a day, I would take the chance of instigating a change that the real fighters are craving for. I would take the opportunity to let the people understand the …

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If I Were

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Thoughts about If I Were a Man

What would it be like if the world were not as it is, and what we are or have is turned over, inside out? If I were a man, would the world be indignant to me if I refuse to spare a seat to a lady? Would I be richer or more ruthlessly ambitious? What …

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