A Personal Account of Stepping out of My Comfort Zone and Bungee Jumping off a Bridge

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

People regularly say I have nothing to worry about in life. They support this by declaring my future as a definite success. I, however, disagree. The fact that I have good grades, I am not terrible at sports, and that I am not a trouble-maker, does not make me have a successful life. In my point of view, succeeding means having lots of stories to tell.

If I were to pick a characteristic that I would like to have, it would be boldness without hesitation. I want to stop being the quiet girl in the back of the room that nobody remembers. I want to do things that not everyone dares to. I want to be able to tell stories that would actually interest people. I want to leave my comfort zone. All of this, because I believe life begins at the end of my comfort zone.

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I began shaking as soon as I started the walk down the river. It got worse when I had to sign the paper that said the company would not take responsibility for any fatal injuries or death itself. But when the friendly guy finished his countdown and before it got any harder, I jumped off the bridge and right out of my comfort zone too.

What would have happened if I hadn’t jumped off? My mother would have yelled at me for making her pay the jump I wasn’t able to take, but I would still be living where I live, studying where I study, and being who I am, so nothing would have really happened. The problem is who wants to have “nothing” for an answer when asked about life experiences. I wouldn’t be able to tell what it felt like to fall 111 meters down the bridge. I wouldn’t be able to explain how the shaking did not end until the day after, how it was a double fall since after I bounced, my body was left in a standing up position and I fell back down, how I couldn’t hear myself screaming since the sound was left plenty of meters above me compared to where I was when I realized this, or even how badly I wanted to get back to somewhere where I could actually stand since the rope was making me twist as many times as necessary to make me want to throw up.

Leaving my comfort zone behind, allowed me to feel the rush of adrenaline, a memory of a feeling that will never be taken away from me and something I can go on and on talking about. To succeed I, you, we need to start involving ourselves in situations that we’ll actually remember. Life is not “graded” by how much stuff we have or how many years we live; it is all about how much we live, what experiences we allow ourselves to have by stepping out of our comfort zones. Let’s force ourselves in circumstances that are worth remembering. Let’s exit our comfort

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