A Raisin In The Sun, Emerald City: Third and Pike Research Paper

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By Gregory Peker and Michael StollerDreams can be seen in many ways. A dream could be something you had in the dark that seems so existent, or a dream could be your phantasy, where everything is traveling your manner. The last type of dream is something that has more of a deep sense and plays an of import function in your life. In life, people have many dreams. Dreams are of import because they create ends for people, and they motivate people to carry through them. Without a dream, a individual will be unfocused in life and will most likely non be successful. In the drama A Raisin in the Sun and the short narrative Emerald City: Third and Pike,  the chief characters both have dreams that they strive for.

In A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter Lee Younger has a dream. His dream is to be a successful man of affairs and for his household to be really happy. He wanted his married woman to hold a Cadillac and for his boy to travel to any college he desired. His dream is admirable and what most people would wish. The hard portion is how to carry through it ; he had many external struggles between himself and his household. In peculiar was the individual who would ve been his largest factor for his success, his female parent.

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Lena Younger ( Walter Lee’s female parent ) received ten-thousand dollars from a life insurance policy on Walter Lee’s male parent. Lena Younger so gave Walter Lee 65 hundred dollars and spent the remainder on a down payment on a house. Walter Lee so gambled away the 65 hundred dollars on a spirits shop and lost it all. The individual which he and a concern spouse entrusted with the money ran off and took all the money with him.

Another character who has a dream is Oya from Emerald City: Third and Pike.  Her dream is to go an astronaut, but was ever being criticized by her old employer. One dark, she about murdered her employer, which caused her to travel to prison and her to be what she is now, a individual populating on the streets. In Emerald City: Third and Pike,  Oya tells her narrative to that individual because she thinks she might be able to assist person reenforce their dreams and hopefully non to halt seeking to win. She was besides seeking to te

ll that individual more about herself now and when she went to prison ( word picture ) so he doesn t feel as if it can t go on to him. Both Walter’s and Oya’s dreams have something to make with acquiring a better occupation. They want to acquire betters occupations, but there are obstructions barricading their manner. Walter Lee has no money and Oya now lives on the streets stating her life narrative to aliens. This is a common subject in life because everyone wants to make something more than what their presently making.

This forced Walter Lee and Oya to seek to better themselves because of their disfavor for their occupations. They besides want to do more money making this to populate a happier life. Another similarity between the two characters is that they both started out as retainer. Walter Lee was a chauffer and Oya was a amah. This was a major affect to them because they didn T want to be retainers for the remainder of their lives. They wanted to make something more productive and for themselves to be the foreman.

There are besides many differences between Oya and Walter. One difference is that Oya believes she can carry through her end but Walter believes his dream was crushes when he lost the 65 hundred dollars. Oya still tried to prosecute her dreams even after her imprisonment, but Walter Lee knew that it wouldn Ts win because he would ne’er hold sufficient money to do an feeling. A 2nd unsimilarity is that Walter ne’er physically ache anyone to accomplish his dream, but Oya about killed person for hers. I think Oya about killing the adult female was a spot dry because she negotiations about non being a dream crusher, but if she would? ve killed her employer, she would ve killed her dream.

For Walter Lee to allow travel of his thought of a spirits shop, so going a immense man of affairs was really hard. He ever tried to coerce his household to accepting this thought, but they didn T. Oya wouldnt Lashkar-e-Taiba travel of her dream so much that she about murdered person for it. In the terminal Walter and Oya had to travel to the extremes for their dreams. I think seeking to accomplish your dreams is really of import, but I don T think it’s deserving killing or aching person over. Your dreams and your environment should be balanced so that one thing won? Ts make a major impact on the other.

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