Quotes about the american dream in a raisin in the sun Analysis

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This drab thought of this family’s existence, generation after generation comes to an end when the Younger family receives $10,000 in the mail as compensation for a death in the family. Walter, the son of Mama, loses the majority of it and they keep just enough to buy a new house. Having said this, every member of the Younger family has a chance of success in the future, which gives this play a happy ending because it is one the reader can think optimistically about. Ruth, Beneath, and Travis Younger all end the play on a hopeful note and have bright destinies ahead of them.

Ruth ends the play with a newfound sense of hope in her husband Walter. Towards the end of the play, when Walter declines Lender’s offer she ‘I [Bites] her lip lest her own pride explode in front of This quotation illustrates her new hope for Walter ND no matter how badly things in the past went, there is still a chance that everything will be alright. She senses the journey ahead and how difficult it will be, but she knows she will have Walter by her side when she has to go through these troubling, yet rewarding, times.

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Beneath, Walter’s sister, has huge opportunities for her future that can fulfill her deepest dreams. Sagas, her boyfriend, asks her to marry him and to come back to Nigeria with him to become a doctor there. She is excited with this wondrous opportunity and exclaims, “Yes- just look at what the New World hath 37). Beneath is excited, especially because this is one of the few opportunities she has ever had, most being deceptive, like medical school.

She finally has a chance to do what she wants to do, with nothing in the way to stop her. Travis, the son of Walter and Ruth, is left with a bright future filled with promise and responsibility. In the course of the play, Mama seems to be one of the only people that Travis really connects and talks to about how he feels. Mama feels that $3000 would be best Spent on a house for his generation to grow in and to prosper him, a decision that Walter later supports. Mama tells

Travis that “She went out and bought you a Walter later agrees with her decision, just in time for him to step In as a person for Travis to model his life after to build a new generation of the Younger family. Mama and Walter Younger both hold prosperous fates ahead of them that they have worked hard for, but can they continue to pursue a successful life with many obstacles still to come? To achieve a “happy ending,” Mama must be TABLE to trust Walter to stabilize order in the new Younger household.

Mama has many vicissitudes of trust in Walter; there are many times where she trusts him completely and when she does not truss him at all. Walter first gains Mama’s trust when she gives Walter $6,500 and says to him, “There anti nothing as precious it me There anti nothing worth holding on to, money, dreams, nothing else- if it means it’s going to destroy my boy”(1 06). Mama knows how much Walter suffers without the money and trusts that he will do the right thing because he feels so fervently about it.

Mama was wrong to trust Walter with the money because he loses it all in a scam that his friend Wily pulled. Towards the end of the play, when a representative of the all white community the Younger are about to move into makes an offer to buy he house from them for more than they bought it for, Walter declines the offer. After deep consideration, he decides it is best for the family to move into the house, as much as he may not. Mama know,h. RSI the hardships Walter has gone through and regains her trust in Walter after a decision that gave this story an opportunity for a happy ending.

After Walter makes this life- changing choice, Mama is as proud as can be. She is overwhelmed with pride and cannot be happier with the son that she raised. As Walter stands up for himself, his family, and the African American race itself “Mama has her eyes loses and is rocking back… With her head nodding the Amen 51). Mama is recognizing a redeeming moment for Walter and for the whole family as Walter makes a crucial decision for the family’s future that is bound to pay off and give this story a happy ending.

Walter, Mama, and the rest of the Younger family all have a sense of hope in the near future, moving into a very nice house and having money to spare. Some may think that the Younger may face trouble moving into an all white neighborhood and the story does not have a happy ending, but their newfound sense of pride and passion can outmatch any obstacle or any faculty that the family may have and gives hope of a happy ending.

There is no scenario but a great one ahead of the Younger because of all of the opportunities they have earned through hard work. Pride gives a person or family the power of a freight train to plow through anything that stands in their way and that is how African Americans, as a race, stood up to the whites and won equality. Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, all have had confidence, pride, and passion in what they believed in and that led them into doing what some might have considered impossible.

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