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A Short Biography of Mother Teresa by Elaine Murray Stone

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  • Pages 3
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    Mother Teresa was born in the year 1910 in a small town called Skopje. Skopje is in the southern part of Yugoslavia. In her little years in Skopje she thought about helping the poor. One day when she was eighteen in her chapel she heard about missions in India she became interested and decided to go on one! She had already decided that she was going to do this when she was twelve and now she was off to the Loreto to find a beautiful convent were here vocation would be tested. (Vocation is a test of your patience basically) Quickly, since no one could speak her native tongue at the convent she had to learn English fast .After her six week vocation she was off to a 7 week voyage to India. While in India mother Teresa changed her name from Agnes to Teresa because her name was never Teresa to begin with. Later on mother Teresa is taking her vow’s and ready to start a career as a teacher. Soon later she had a call from god on the train in a tunnel going up a mountain to go to her retreat.

    As soon as she got back she realized that her initial reason for coming to India was to be helping the poor so she contacted the people of the church who were her higher ups to allow her to be released from her vows she made. The people in charge of her thought the little short nun was crazy and they told her to if she wanted to leave she would need 10 nuns who would follow and that if her mission was not successful she couldn’t come back. She soon later got 10 sisters to come along with her and serve in her group called the missionaries of charity who we devote to help the poor. Mother Teresa believed that to help the poor she had to become one with the poor which meant she had nothing except god. A year later a student from the school she taught at told mother Teresa she was ready to serve in her order. In the months and years to come more sisters came and mother Teresa faced riots and tons of sick people, and then she was recognized by people and given noble prizes. Also, she was granted free airplane flights because she was recognized for her goodness by the Indian government. Later mother Teresa developed Heart attacks and doctors said that she needs to give up some of her duties to other sisters but she was devoted to helping the poor so she kept doing what she was doing.

    On September 5 1997, Mother Teresa woke up with a stomach infection and ignored and went to mass with her usual determination. and then her day went on as usual she ate with the sister’s and in stead of working till midnight she went to bed and couldn’t get comfortable so she called a sister into a room and found hard to get back to sleep still, and then her last words were I cant breath. Immediately the sister in the room goes to get the heart doctor (who just happened to live in the convent with them) to help Mother Teresa. The doctor tried everything he could to do for the nun but nothing worked. Mother Teresa had a state funeral and 14,000 people mourned her death. In my opinion the author is trying to tell people that you should get the most out of life and help the less fortunate.

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