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A Comparison Between the Lives of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana

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  • Pages 3
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    Princess Diana, a women of grace and glamour and Mother Teresa whose inner beauty lit up the whole world, lived in two completely different worlds, but had more in common than their closeness of deaths. These two women were both humanitarians whose mission was clear. They were both set out to help the unfortunate in every possible way,whether it was through charities or raising funds. Through different outlooks,they both were media stars and believers in love,who touched the lives of so many. The two heroines Diana, Princess of Wales and Mother Teresa, Queen of Hearts-both left this world never to be forgotten. The two women lived different lives with the same purpose. Mother Teresa was a religious women who felt that she was God’s “pencil” and did whatever he wanted her to do. Although Diana’s acts seemed to be religiously connected, she had no religion at all.Diana lived the life of the rich and famous,her net worth about three million dollars, while Mother Teresa’s treasures added up to a mere three dollars.

    Diana possessed an abundance of the world’s treasures-money,clothes, and jewels whereas Mother Teresa forsook the world and its illusory treasures,but possessed an abundance of grace and virtue.One who had everything and one who haredly had anything at all,both set out to do well amonst others.Diana and Mother Teresa helped the world with different approaches. The princess used her money and fame to help the poor while Mother Teresa saw the Face of Christ in each and every person and completed her mission through God.Both of them traveled around the world to do so.Mother Teresa created a network of 569 missions spread across 120 nations that would operate workshops for the unemployed, food centers, orphanages, and refuges for the insane,retarded and aged.Diana, on the other hand, donated her money to charities,which included the English Ballet,the national AIDS organization, a homeless charity,two London hospitals-the Royal Marsden for cancer patients and Great Ormond Street for children, and a leprosy mission that was connected with Mother Teresa.

    Though they had their different approaches to helping the diseased and poor, their goals were always accomplished. Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize while Diana won the hearts of people around the world. This made them stars in the media. They always tried to avoid it.Diana tried to run from the paparazzi numerous times to ignore all the attention. Mother Teresa didn’t have crazed fans but still tried to stay away from all the media. When she was awarded her prize she did not want a celebration or a ceremony and told them to use the money for the poor. Neither the princess nor Mother Teresa cared about being recognized for what they had done. These two women changed the lives of many.Whether or not they were indeed a miracle workers, their effort in helping others has made a significant difference. They were determined to make the world a better place and in some ways they did. They left the world, but will never be forgotten for all the countless acts of good deeds they achieved.

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