Abortion: Are You Ready for That Kind of Responsibility?

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Imagine being completely dependent on some one else. What if they mad one extremely wrong choice abortion? There are a lot of woman in the united stats that get abortions each year. Many people are ant abortion. Some people are partial to it. They think that it’s okay under certain circumstances.

First off they made abortion legal on January 22, 1973.many people were mad at that especially the people who were 100% pro life. Some of them protested. They believe that abortion is wrong under any circumstances. They don’t care hoe you got pregnant.

They think abortion is horribly wrong to get an abortion. Next there are the people who believe that abortion is okay under certain circumstances. The people who are completely agents it may not full understand the suasion of the woman that is getting the abortion. A woman could have been raped and she doesn’t wan the child of the child of her rapist. The child could look like the man who raped her, and she would have to look at the kid every day. Another reason is that the woman getting the abortion could be to young. She could be a teenager or younger.

She’s not ready for that kind of responsibility. She might not want to put her body tough that. one other reason is that the mother could not make enough money to support the baby and her self. They could go days with out food and a baby couldn’t live with out food.

A pool taken in April 1975 on adult views on abortion. 1,535 total respondents source the galley organization. “Do you think abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances or illegal under all circumstances?” 54% said that it should be legal under certain circumstances. 22% said illegal under all circumstances. 21% said it should legal under all circumstances. 3% said no opinion.

Abortion is a big issue is the United States.

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