Abortion – Artificial Termination of Pregnancy

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From 1973 to 1987, over 22 million abortions have been performed. Pro-lifers would name that a awful waste of humanlife. True, 22 million lives were taken, but I believe that we are better off without those. Webster ’ s dictionary defines abortion as “ the ejection of anonviable fetus. ” Abortion might perchance be the mostcontroversial subject right now. I ’ m certain by now that you ’ ve heard of all the different types ofabortion. Almost all abortions performed in the US are surgicalabortions, where the foetus is removed by suction or other agencies. ( Medication offers another option, to be discussed subsequently in thisreport. )

During a suction abortion, the foetus is dismembered anddisposed of by a little tubing. This procedure takes but about 10 proceedingss, and the female parent experiences really small or no physicaldiscomfort. Pro-lifers instantly say that emotional injury andguilt hangouts every adult female after she has an abortion. However, during my research, I found legion adult females who led ( and continueto lead ) prominent and scot-free lives after their abortions. Ithink that the mental province of the female parent depends really much onher personal feelings toward abortion, and the existent experiencethe had before and during the abortion. I have found that most of the clip, they employ the usage of a few schemes for doing their viewsknown.

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One tactic pro-lifers usage to convert people of theirviews is to play on fright and emotions. Their graphicdescriptions and ghastly images are a rough effort to “ panic ” people out of abortion, while their pious talk andsobbing attempt to do us experience sorry for them and the unborn.Another popular scheme of pro-lifers is to protest things like ” Life begins at construct! The foetus is human! ” Science hasproven these facts, and pro-choicers are by no agencies seeking todeny them.

However, pro-choicers feel that the rights of theparents ( viz. the female parent ) override the rights of the unbornchild.Neither of these tactics work on pro-choicers like myself. True, pro-lifers are entitled to voicing their sentiment ( merely as I am ) , but I feel that some of their methods ( as illustrated in thenext subdivision ) are really irregular. A new measure was introduced in April 1994.

The Freedom of Accessto Clinic Entrances Act ( aka FACE or FACEA ) protects womenseeking abortion, and the installations executing them.Specifically, FACE protects generative wellness service staffand patients from violent menaces, assault, hooliganism, andblockades. FACE was signed by President Clinton on May 26, 1994, but angry pro-lifers still violate this jurisprudence.

The consequencesfor a first-time wrongdoer can non transcend one twelvemonth in prisonand/or a $ 100,000 mulct. Repeat wrongdoers face a maximal 3 yearprison sentence and/or a $ 250,000 mulct. If any hurt isincurred, the sentence jumps to 10 old ages. If decease consequences fromthe discourtesy, the maximal sentence is life imprisonment.I think it is about clip for FACEA.

Pro-lifers have gone farenough with their “ presentations ” in forepart of clinicsnationwide. Many intelligence cartridge holders have shown pro-lifers throwingthings at adult females as they walk into a clinic. In one extreme instance, an off-duty constabulary officer ( moving as a escort ) and thehusband of a adult female seeking an abortion were shot at bypro-lifers. The constabulary officer died — the hubby was badly wounded.

Even though FACEA will non set a halt to the violencetoward abortionists and clients, I think it will definatelydecrease it. Different medicines are offering a safe and privatealternative to clinic abortions. RU486 is an abortion inducingpill that allows adult females to hold non-invasive, safer and easierabortions in the privateness of their ain places. This option alsoeliminates any contact with ashen pro-lifers and theirantagonistic methods. RU486 besides offers grea

t medical promise inthe research and possible cures/treatments of breast cancer,endometriosis, prostrate and brain cancer. Right now, pro-lifersare preventing RU486 from being used in the US. However, it iscurrently on the market in a number of countries, and is beingused with great success.The “M&M” abortion is named after the two drugs used to induceit: mifepristone and misoprostol. This process is based on thesame theory as RU486, and has been thoroughly tested at PlannedParenthood, Inc. in Omaha, NB. Mifepristone is administered todisable the pregnancy hormones and break down the lining of theuterus.

The only know side effects are slight nausea, headaches,weakness and fatigue. After two days, the woman takes a dose ofmisoprostol. This drug causes uterine contractions, and expelsthe fetus. This stage can be somewhat painful and messy. Thewoman stays at the clinic for about four hours after theabortion for observation.I think that the use of RU486 and other medication woulddefinately help the dilemma of abortion. By making them readilyavailable to any woman, any confrontation with pro-lifers isavoided. During this difficult time, the last thing a womanneeds is the harassing shouting of a psycho pro-lifer outsidethe clinic. Pro-lifers are bent against abortion, but what other options do they offer? Most pro-lifers are anti-contraceptive.

Anover-stated fact among pro-lifers is “the long waiting lists forcouples wanting to adopt.” Sure, lots of people want to adoptchildren, but with over 1.5 million abortions each year, imaginethe over-population of the orphanages! In Silent Scream, the number of abortions in the US per day was quoted at 4,000! Thepro-life point about having the baby and putting it up foradoption is very unrealistic.I haven’t heard any other pro-life options besides adoption. Iguess their most obvious (and equally unrealistic) suggestionwould be to have the baby and deal with it. But what if themother can’t handle the commitment, or isn’t financially secure?

The pro-lifers have to think of better solutions beforecriticizing the one we are using now. I think one of the main reasons that I am pro-choice is the amount of poverty in this country. Although I haven’t found anydata to confer with this, my hypothesis is that most of theabortions are performed on lower-class, perhaps poor, women.Without this, just think of the poverty our country would have!At the rate of 4,000 extra people a day, the US would literallyrun out of room in a short time! I think that Silent Scream was another feeble attempt to scarepeople out of abortion.

Judging by the reaction of the class,people have wised-up to pro-lifers. People will no longertolerate being bombarded with graphic descriptions, gorypictures, and sorrowful testimonies. To but it bluntly, I am fedup with extreme pro-lifers. Granted, not all of them are as badas I make them out to be, but about a year ago, while walkingout of my dad’s office at Jewish Hospital, we were “harassed” bythree pro-lifers.

At first I thought they would respect ourprivacy and let us pass. However, they blurted out “Did you knowthat there are abortions being performed at Jewish Hospital?! ”What did they intend that question to accomplish? We tried toignore them kept walking, but they persisted and attempted toforce their pamphlets and handouts on us.

I would have had noproblem had they simply offered us a pamphlet, but I feltviolated when they thrust them into our faces. After researching this report, I still hold my ground about being pro-choice. I think that the woman’s rights override thoseof the fetus. Regardless of the reason or circumstances safe,reliable abortion should be made available to any woman. Acts of Violence Against Abortion Providers and Clients.

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