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Termination Act

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Being stable in what you do and how you survive is something that many of us strive for. Can you imagine somebody suddenly taking away what supports you? You would have to figure out how to continue to survive in a whole new way that you aren’t familiar with. It sounds horrible, and it is. This is exactly what The Termination Act of 1953 did to the Native Americans. I am against the Termination Act of 1953. I am against The Termination Act of 1953 for several reasons.

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Termination Act
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Although it is said the act was created in hope to benefit the Native Americans, I don’t believe it did. Instead, it created many issues for the Native Americans. In my opinion the act solely benefited the government. The act lowered federal spending efficiently, which of course was a big benefit to taxpayers. Funding to the Native American tribes was stopped. This funding supported a few services that were very useful for the tribes.

Some of the services included: medical care, schools, and road maintenance.

Unfortunately, these federal services were taken away immediately, which resulted in very bad effects with Native Americans. The Native Americans depended on the government funding for their day-to-day lives. It was hard for the Native Americans to continue living how they did before when the services and funding was taken away. The Native Americans simply didn’t have the knowledge or ability to provide the same types of services for themselves. I can imagine it being very hard and hectic for them to try to survive like this.

I can definitely understand why Native Americans viewed the government’s actions as a threat, and why they didn’t like this act at all. The Termination Act of 1953 brought more negative effects than positive. It may have cut taxes and federal spending, but the outcome for the Native American’s tribes was disastrous. Taking away schools, medical services, and road equipment hurt them in the end, due to the fact that they were not able to continue running these services for themselves. As you can see, the outcome was rough, and that is why I am against The Termination Act of 1953.

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