About Drinking Habit, Marijuana, And My First Year In College

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My first year of college was a new and different experiences for me. I was still in disbelief the independence, I did not have to check in with anyone, I did not have a curfew and felt like such an adult. My first semester went very good, I never party because I was always in my shell. At the moment I wasn’t a people person I had to get used to the new environment. I started meeting people that loved the parties and I started partying so much, and of course at every party there is plenty drinks and I started to drink and this begin to become a weekend habit, then eventually every time a party came I made it my business to go because I knew I will have a fun time and drinks.

I was able to party back home but never was able to drink because I was underage. No one asked your age or and Identification and most all the drinks was always free. I don’t think anxiety is the most leading factor to alcohol drink as a college student. I think it’s more so of being on your own and able to something you never did without parental supervision. The first 6 weeks of freshman year are a vulnerable time for heavy drinking and alcohol-related consequences because of student expectations and social pressures at the start of the academic year. Drinking at college has become a usual education experience.

Many students come to college with established drinking habits and many do not and the college environment can make the problem worse. According to a national survey 60 percent of college students ages 18–22 drank alcohol. Academic consequences from drinking, falling behind in class, failing test and quizzes, unable to understand the curriculum of the class include missing class. I totally agree because when I start drinking and partying so often my grades begin to drop and my I was sleeping in so much from having hangovers and headaches. I was missing so much class and I know the partying was the biggest factor for myself. It is also about having self-discipline which I didn’t have as much at the time but it eventually came with growth.

A study was done using the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) with 202 undergraduate students between the ages 18-45 years old. Individuals was able to participate if they were over the age 18 with a drinking problem and if they score 8 points or higher they had an Alcohol Use. The five strengths of this article were the amount of information that was given, the sources to back up the information, real numbers and exact percentages, the contact information of the person who wrote the article, terms and definitions if you didn’t know what a word meant or how to use the term.

The sources were the main strength to me because you can always go back and check the information and see how accurate it is. The five weaknesses of this article were how the information was all in bulk, the wording was so little, it was so many numbers it look they was running together, so much repeated information. This article can be improved in the future by talking more about the article using less numbers during the reading and still follow up with number charts and surveys to back the information up.

Marijuana is used by both African Americans and Caucasian a lot. I think African American youth just get incarcerated for possession of the drug more. The patterns of marijuana us is a lead to tobacco.

National data indicate that past-month prevalence of marijuana use has surpassed the use of cigarettes in youth. Smoking marijuana served as an introduction to cigarettes. College students in their sample reported using marijuana first because they use cigarettes first which is the reason they converted to marijuana. Marijuana before tobacco may be more common among black youth than white youth. Before marijuana was made legal so many black youths was being incarcerated for the same drug that can be used as a prescription is the reason the statistics is very high on black youth. The law that has been passed has many pros and cons like any other law.

Less black people will end up incarcerated now that the law is passed, even though you have black men and woman serving time for the possession of marijuana. Less blacks “maybe” will be killed because they can no longer say that a bag of weed look a gun. Black kids will always be criminalized but not because of the use of marijuana. Statistics says that more black youth use marijuana than white youth. I say that more black youth got incarcerated with marijuana which make the statistics higher. The five strengths of this article is the information given, easy to read meaning not all over the place, references and the contact information and the stats. The five weaknesses of this article is it could have had more in depth detail, less numbering during the reading , another graphic chart . The article can be improved by using less numbering in the charts and more in the reading.

Nicotine should be banned in every state. Nicotine is very bad for your health and can eventually lead to death. According to Disease Control and Prevention, cigarettes smoking is the leading cause to premature death. Cigarettes smoking can cause lung cancer and also second hand smoke can lead to lung cancer. Second hand smoke can affect so many people lives from toddlers, elderly’s and other adults who do not consume nicotine. Money is the main reason cigarettes are not banned because it produce so much money, no matter the price of cigarettes the addicts will still buy them because they can’t resist. The more people they can get to buy nicotine, the more people they can get to expose their self to lung cancer which mean the money will always be a revolving door and continue to bring so much profit in many different ways. E-cigarettes is no better than regular cigarettes because it liquid chemicals that you are inhaling inside your body.

They contain many different harmful chemicals depending on the brand and how it is use. It is also used by heavy metal such as tin and nickel. My grandmother smoke cigarettes and as much as she tried to quit she couldn’t because she was an addict , is like she had to have a cigarette and if she didn’t have none at the moment she will stop whatever she is doing and buy some. Years past by she began to get this really bad cough and her hair start falling out and she just started to cut it before anyone can notice but at this point it was too late . The lung cancer had begun to spread throughout her body. When always asked her but she did so well at hiding it but eventually she passed away. Lung cancer does not only affect you, it affect your love ones. The strengths of this article is the amount of information that was given, the sources to back up the information. The weaknesses of this article is it could have had more in depth detail, and another graphic chart.

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