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Absolute Law Research Paper Absolute LawThis

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Absolute Law Essay, Research Paper

Absolute Law

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Absolute Law Research Paper Absolute LawThis
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This huge existence, which we understand so small of, is governed by a

set of regulations and rules which were laid down since the morning of

clip. The existence was created by God and it is He who laid down these

regulations. It is besides He who created clip and so created life out of

nothingness. While making so, He besides instructed us how to pass our

lives and told us what is right and what is incorrect.

In other words, He

told us what to make and what non to make, and we, each and everyone of us,

is bound to agree and stay by these regulations. Culture and race is

irrelevant ; these Torahs are absolute and are meant for every

single. One of the Torahs and/or regulations Tells us that the human organic structure

and the psyche is non our ain and we have no right to harm it in any manner.

We do non have them since it is non us who gave them signifier but it is God

who gave them to us for a finite period of clip. We value this human

life and it is our natural inherent aptitude to salvage ourselves from any injury. It

is every man^s invariable will to last. This is a signifier of an absolute

jurisprudence which governs our every action. It can non be called a fiction

of world because of all time since the morning of clip, every homo being has

fought for his/her ain endurance. It is ingrained into our nature to seek

to protect ourselves. So it must be absolute. Larceny is another facet

of life which is governed by an absolute jurisprudence. God gave us life and he

provides for each and everyone of us. He bestows us with what we

deserve ; nil more, nil less. And He told us that we have no

right to steal anything from anyone else because it does non belong to

us and was non meant for us. This construct, that stealing some else^s

belongings is bad, is besides included in mankind^s nature. And therefore it

is an absolute jurisprudence. Examples of stealers and robbers do non rebut the

being of the absolute jurisprudence B

ecause they are merely people who do non

hold a strong belief in themselves. They fail to recognize that they have

everything they deserve and that they should be grateful for what they

bashs have. They fall a quarry to defeat and as a consequence they steal

believing that they deserve better than what they have. So, once more we

can see that world knows that stealing is a wickedness and it is in every

man^s nature to loathe from it. But if the person has a cor! rupted

nature and fails to screen out his/her baffled province of head, so

he/she might make something incorrectly. This besides shows that the jurisprudence is

absolute and is applicable to all. Another illustration can be that of the

hunt for cognition. Every human being, starts his journey on the way

of larning from the really 2nd that he/she is born. In fact, God

bids us in the Quran ( the Holy book ) to seek cognition. Ancient

tools show us that even in the crude phase of man^s life, he was

roll uping cognition and was utilizing it to seek and do life easier for

himself. If we compare the past and the present, we see a immense

difference. It was considered an evil to learn some people who were

classified as portion of the ^lower class^ but with greater cognition came

greater apprehension and adult male realized that deriving cognition should be

a must for everyone. And so we upgraded our manner of life. Man^s

wonder has led him this far and who knows how much farther it will

take us. So we can easy separate the quest of cognition as another

absolute jurisprudence. So, absolute Torahs do be and they are portion of God^s

regulations for world. He created us and of course He tells us what to make

and what to abstain from. I, for one, believe in them wholly and

they show me a manner of life. Others may non believe in the being of

God and may or may non believe in the being of absolute Torahs. All I

can state about them is that they have yet to see the visible radiation.

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