The Summer Work Travel program

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Provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United States during their summer vacation from college or university to experience and to be exposed to the people and way of life in the United States. We will be providing job positions and visa consultation to the enrolled students. When Students can participate in the Work Travel Program during their university’s summer break. The maximum length of the program is 4 months with an additional 30 days during which participants are not allowed to work, but may travel within the U. S. And prepare for their return trip. We will be selling the program for 3 seasons except than summer. During the summer, our duty is to make sure everything is k with the participated students. After summer there won’t be many people to come and apply for the program. In general students starts to come with serious intention in end of the year. So we an say we will be actually working from December to end of summer. But our office will be open all year.

Where The places where student population is more than average; near campuses, faculties or the places where students goes; downtowns near metropolitan areas are the most suitable places to locate the office. That’s why we chose Istanbul City. Istanbul is the most crowded city of Turkey, and there are 44 universities located in Istanbul. The program is for all over the world. There is no restrictions about it. All countries can participate to the program. We are going to send people to the cities where we have job offers. Generally, seasonal places are first options.

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Because this kind of places are more suitable for to working, changing job and accommodation. There are also places where we don’t want to send students. For example, Alaska. People who goes there, won’t have a social life and opportunity to learn about American culture. They will only be working and putting aside Money all the time and it doesn’t fit on program’s target. Why Most of people dream about to visit USA at least once in their life. But it is not that easy to finance the trip and get USA visa. Work and travel is the cheapest way to come and stay in United States.

The program gives opportunity to students for improving English, earning money, learning the American culture and traveling United States. It is also easiest way to get US visa. Because of all these reasons it is easy to sell this program. Handling the visa process and finding a job from the visa sponsor’s job pool are the main duties of the program seller. If we have these done, we are k. If we can make more as we offered, we will get a big portion of the person to person advertisement which is one of the most effective way to promote the company.

How Getting agreement from the visa sponsor to have an actual jobless. Selling visa sponsor’s job offers to the students by telling all the truths about the program. Providing US visa process consultation. Staying in alert for any kind of case during the summer. Which accounts will be needed to use ? Cash ( For receiving or sending ), Accounts Receivable (Student based business has always this account ) , Inventory , Capital Assets, Accounts Payable (For future bills and back payments), Taxes Payable (Turkish Government charges taxes too ! , Notes and Long Term Debt, Retained Earnings, Capital Stock. GAP / PIPS My company will be required to use PIPS because of the expansion of the easiness can be reached to many different countries in near future. Another thing is if the company has an overseas partner or partners PIPS is must. This converge effects my business positively to be ready for any case in the future. And here is my company’s estimated income statement; Income

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