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Skirt-Ashman, K. K. (2010) In the social perspective teens will become more independent and yet still maintain that need for stability with their parents. Often time’s teens will rebel against their parents looking for their independence. Teens’ will look to their parents when they cannot solve a problem as a car breaking down. (Castro, C. H. , & Skirt- Ashman, K. K. (2010)) Socially teens look for acceptance and guidance from peers. In the adolescences, kids have a drive to fit in with the people around them. Castro, C. H. , & Skirt-Ashman, K. K. (2010)) As a teenager most teens go through a Jump in their growth that affects the entire body, along with your muscles and your skeleton. As in most case boys and girls typically develop a little different during this time frame. Young teenage males will widen in their shoulders, and in their legs and arms with growing, then that of a girl. Young women will have wider hip and pelvic area. The reason this happens with females because their bodies are getting ready for childbearing.

Girls tend to get a little bit of baby fat that will disappear and leave a beautiful young woman. Sometimes a little bit of baby fat can cause a young girl to feel as though she is overweight. Feeling this way in a young girls mind can cause motional harm and crash dieting in this stage of development. (Castro, C. H. , & Skirt-Ashman, K. K. (2010)) Girls and boys are also faced with hormones. For a female her ovaries, uterus, and vagina are full developed. The ovaries in a young woman are a huge sex gland. This helps to produce major hormones and releases eggs.

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For young males there is the prostate gland, testes, and penis that all develop during this time in adolescents. The testes are what create sperm and sex hormones in a male. (Castro, C. H. , & Skirt-Ashman, K. K. (2010)) The growths and changes are hard for a nuns teen. Teens look to finding their identity and who they are. Teens and young people tend to have their ups and their downs when it comes to figuring out the who am I and where am I going in life stage. These answers are very crucial in a person life when answering. (Castro, C. H. , & Skirt-Ashman, K.K. (2010)) Erickson had a theory that a crucial part a development is a teen to adventure and solves issues of who they are on their own; the internet can be a place for this, with the ability to be anonymous, to help a teen to figure out their identity and look into who they are. Gross, 2004) Teens tend to have mixed emotions about wanting be on their own and realizing that they still need their parents. Most teens seem to think that their parents do not relate to them on the same scale and teens feel that they know more. (Castro, C. H. , & Skirt-Ashman, K. K. 2010)) Most girls begin puberty between ages nine and twelve, whereas boys begin puberty two years later, between ages 11 and 14 (Con and Mutterer, 2009). Girls usually reach their maximum height at age 16, whereas males reach their maximum height at ages between 18 and 20 (Salesman and Rider, 2009). Adolescents tend to have unequal and disproportionate growth. Head, hands , and feet reach adult size followed by legs and arms. There is no indication that breast size is related too woman’s ability to experience pleasurable sensation (Masters et al. , 1995).

Males sometimes even develop breasts, which can cause the males to suffer from anxiety. Hyde and Tolerated (2008) that this occurs in 80% of all young male adolescents. Adolescence brings about increased activity of the sebaceous glands, which manufacture oils for the skin. The result is a rapid growth of blackheads and pimples; or known as acne; n the face and sometimes on the back. Unfortunately, a poor complexion is considered unappealing in many cultures (Hyde and Tolerated,2008) Perception of ones’ body image and attractiveness is related to adolescents’ level of self-esteem, especially for girls (Bugaboo & Dawdler, 2004; Dubos et al. 2000; Harder, 1998). Girls usually tend to be more self-critical than males are, especially when it comes to physical appearance (Newman and Newman, 2009). The concern especially is weight gain and weight control. National survey states adolescents explored their thoughts f weight gain and weight control; 85% of respondents thought that girls emphasized weight control, whereas only 30% thought the boys did (Newman and Newman, 2009). Through the sass and sass there were several studies that are shown males that mature early usually experience positive results (Clauses, 1975; Crockett & Peterson, 1987; M. C.Jones, 1957, 1965; Musses & Jones, 1957; Simmons and Filthy, 1987). The research showed that the males enjoyed increased size, athletic ability, leadership opportunities, social status, and self-esteem. Since these men looked more mature than the average male, they were treated as such. Parents and teachers had higher standards than average males. Recent studies are showing that males maturing early have negative consequences; especially those that are in middle school. They are very likely to become hostile, nervous, depressed over those that mature on an average (Leaser, 1995; Ge, Conger & Elder, 2001; Newman & Newman, 2009).

They are more likely to get in trouble with drugs and other addictive substances (Con & Mutterer, 2009; Steinberg, 2001). Along with early-maturing boys, girls who mature early also have a tendency to get into more trouble (Grabber, Sisley, Brooks-Gun, & Lowliness, 2004). Adolescents struggle in finding their identity and they continue to experiment and strive to fit in and be accepted. In order to be socially accepted they can not only be hard on their peers but can be hard on themselves. Image is very important during this time, and can cause someone to go to drastic measures in order to fit the image that is acceptable by their peers.

Eating disorders might develop from anorexia to bulimia to maintain the acceptable weight. Adolescence might try and get attention from others by acting out or getting involved tit the wrong crowd. The wrong influence could lead to emotional and behavioral problems. The stress and pressure adolescence face when trying to be socially accepted and attempting to find their own identity could be overwhelming and at such a sensitive time in their life healthy and proper coping skills are crucial.

If proper coping skills are not used adolescents might fall into depression or turn to substances to relieve the stress. At this stage in life adolescents tend to rebel from their parents and demand respect and independence, but continue to depend on heir parents for guidance and basic life necessities. It is important for parents to support adolescents and guide them through this crucial time in their life, so they can be healthy, independent, responsible adults. This is a change of a person as early as 12 year sold to late teens and sometimes early adulthood.

When a person goes through their adolescent years it a great effect on their personality. Another way to describe adolescent is the change of an individual from a child to an adult. Girls will become depress about the way they look. Boys will have a bigger change in their rains which can lead to aggressive behavior. From the change that both young boys and girls go through can have a big impact on them. Often the teens will become depressed then turn to drug and alcohol abuse.

Some will grow out depression and live a normal life others will continue to misuse the drugs or alcohol because it will fill the depression that they are going through at the time of their change in life. As adolescence each child after the maturity stage ends will begin to develop psychologically. Developing for a child psychologically means forming an identity both morally and psychologically. When developing an identity one must ask the questions who am l? What kind of person do I want to be? And lastly what do I want out of life?

As stated in our text, “The most important task of adolescence is to develop a sense of identity, a sense of “who am l? ” (understanding Human behavior and the social environment. Charles s. Castro. ) Adolescence must be able to develop an identity based off different race, culture, and ethnicities, due to the world being so diverse with various ethnicity groups and cultures. In short, developing an identity is a lifelong process that begins early in childhood. Developmentally either psychological or moral are key aspects that assist the child in decision making and choices alongside with developing a character.

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