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Rhetorical Analysis of Speech “This is Water”


Speech Analysis

Words: 1470 (6 pages)

In the speech, “This is Water,” the speaker informs the audience on “how to think” and teaches the audience how to look at life differently rather than using their own natural default setting. David Foster Wallace, an American writer and English university instructor, delivered a commencement speech to the graduating class of Kenyon College in…

John F. Kennedy’s Free Speech


Speech Analysis

Words: 1219 (5 pages)

John F. Kennedy was a phenomenal speaker. He knew how to use his words to rally support from his audience. Therefore, he was not an inspirational leader and through his words he was able to move his audience. President Kennedy was able to reach out to his audience by addressing their emotions and their beliefs….

Martin Luther King Speech Analysis

Martin Luther King

Speech Analysis

Words: 794 (4 pages)

Martin Luther Kings’ “I have a dream…. ” speech is one of the most memorable speech’s of all time but why? In thi s essay we’ll have a look at why it’s such an effective speech. In the speech, King especially likes to use repetition and metaphors to convey his ideas. These devices are the…

“This is Water” by David Foster Wallace Speech Analysis


Speech Analysis

Words: 589 (3 pages)

“This is Water” by David Foster Wallace is a speech to help students realize the chapter of their life that they are quickly approaching. The rhetorical devices used in the speech help the graduates grasp an understanding of what he refers to as a routine adult life (College). Wallace uses multiple examples of exemplum to…

Bono Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis

Words: 693 (3 pages)

Bono uses many rhetorical agents to make the audience feel inspired and interested. Bono uses a very describing language, which makes it possible for the audience to create picture of his work with Larry Summers. Bono uses a metaphor for how devastating it has been working with Summers ‘The religious right started acting like student…

Great Society Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis

Words: 1405 (6 pages)

Lyndon Johnson was convinced that liberal nationalism and the power of the federal government could transform society. His faith grew out of his youthful experiences with poverty in Texas, his political apprenticeship during the New Deal, and his desire to surpass Roosevelt’s legacy. When he took office in November 1963, after John F. Kennedy’s death,…

Lou Gehrig Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis

Words: 1546 (7 pages)

Imagine a young boy and his father going to the New York Yankees ballpark on a warm sunny day. The date is July 4, 1939 and it is Lou Gehrig appreciation day at the ballpark. Lou Gehrig had been playing major league baseball for seventeen years and is one of the most well thought of…

Bush/Blair Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis

Words: 589 (3 pages)

After the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, both President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Blair gave speeches addressing the terrorist attacks. In their speeches, they both used various rhetorical strategies coupled with a distinct tone to convey their sorrow towards the families affected by the tragic event….

JFK Inauguration Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis

Words: 493 (2 pages)

The tone of Kennedy’s speech is extremely confident, driven, and determined with a youthful energy that lasts throughout. This is developed by his use of rhetorical strategies such as declarative sentences, antithesis, asyndeton, and metaphorical and formal diction. He also uses short paragraphs and sentences to his advantage. One of the most important rhetorical tools…

Speech Analysis: Funeral Service of the Unknown Australian


Speech Analysis

Words: 249 (1 page)

The Essay The speech ‘Funeral Service of the Unknown Australian Soldier by former Prime Minister Paul Keating has been chosen as the basis of this commentary. It was given on 1 lath of November 1993 at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra as a commemoration in honor of all of the soldiers who have served…

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