Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media – 1 Essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media

It is so hard to image our lives without Mass media. Mass media plays a very important role in our lives. There are various effects of mass media on the society at large. Media tends to influence and there are positive as well as negative influences of mass media. However, it also depends on the way audiences perceive things. Since mass media is used to communicate and interact with people from various walks of life, it can often result in a conflict of options.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media – 1
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Print media (magazines, newspapers, brochures, press releases, newsletters etc), electronic media (television, radio etc) and the Internet are all part of mass media. Today, mass media can give a person phenomenal exposure and this can result in various effects of the mass media on the society. I can give some information about the pros and cons of mass media and its effect on a larger scale.

Advantages of Mass Media:
• The wide reach offered by mass media is phenomenal.

It can target a global audience.
• In terms of newspapers and magazines, it can reach a specified target group. Besides, it is easily accessible. For example, the newspaper lands on the doorstep and we have the latest news in our drawing rooms due to the television set.
• Certain types of media have a loyal fan following. This would mean that an advertiser, publication or news channel would have a ready audience.
• We have the latest news and information at the click of the mouse! The Internet is such a medium that it can give many options for the kind of information required.
• Television, movies, Internet and the radio are some of the best forms of entertainment.
• Mass media can be used for educational purposes in an effective manner.
Disadvantages of Mass Media:
• At times, the information reported may not be authentic from every angle.
• News can be manipulated to influence the minds of the audiences. For example – a particular political.

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