The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Network in Fij

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The social media network is the latest tool of the twenty first century in Fiji. Social media was first used to interact with family and friends, colleges, trainers sitting far away from the user. Today the social media has taken a new dimension for business houses in Fiji. The speed and the viral nature of the social media network is gaining popularity among the Fijian population.

Hence this essay will discuss about the disadvantages and advantages of using social media network. To begin with, this leads to the loss the emotional connection in a sense that typed messages do not convey the physical emotion. One is not able to see the feeling of happiness or sadness physically. For example if someone hurts the other and says sorry, it becomes very hard to see the nine feelings of remorse. In addition if someone hurts the other it becomes easy just by typing while face to face interaction may save the relationship. Secondly, the use of social media causes distraction for the user.

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Social media makes one feel unaware of what is happening around the user . Social media distract one from studies . It also drives one away from family and visitors. For example Faceable addicts ignore the value of family time . This may lead to children to drift away from parental advice. This can lead to family break up and loss of family bond. Moreover reduction of face to face communication skill due to the fact the communication is enabled by massages.

The spoken words are much easier to understand and sometimes it becomes very hard to interpret the written in massages. En finds it awkward to address public or issues when asked face to face. There is a vast difference in face to face interaction then the use of keyboard. For example currently in Fiji there is a growing problem while communicating at a personal level. In addition, the growing issue of account hacking is also creating a lot of insecurity. Thousands of Faceable and twitter count have been hacked. For example in Fiji two USPS students hacked a bank account and managed to transfer around 16000 Fijian dollars.

This case was proved and justice was done however many unknown hacking may have taken place without being noticed. While at this point, engaging in online social media network has disadvantages which are in terms of loss of emotional connection, numerous positive features are associated with the use of social media network including cost, worldwide connection and sharing information in real time The first advantage of using the social media network is in relation to cost. The nature of social media network is such that it allows free access to the sites that are available either on the Faceable, twitter or Linked.

The business houses whether a small entrepreneur for example Nisei attire or a large company such Jacks of Fiji are able to advertise on the same website without any cost. The single user on the same platform is also able to connect with relative, friends and strangers without any cost. The free access makes it so popular with the Fijians. In addition, the amazing feature of the social media network is the instant worldwide connection. Social media network connects family, relatives, strangers as well as business houses with a click of a button.

The user is able engage in several activities at one time. For example engage in business activity or romance and chat with families close and abroad on the same platform. The instant connection saves time. Furthermore the social media enables to share information in real time. The teachers and students are able to link with each other in a classroom. Social media also allows business conference and share information in real time. For example students can use the online services ether than flipping over six or seven books.

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