Agents of Socialization

Socialization is the way people interact with one another on a daily basis. Humans interact in many ways on the phone, the internet, through the mail, and in person face-to-face. There are several agents to socialization; three of them are family, religion, and the workplace. All of these social roles are portrayed in a different light, and as life situations change social roles change. Things that can change a social role are a person going from being single to married, having a first child, being a rehabilitated drug user, or a change in religion or job.

Agents of Socialization 3 There are several agents of socialization; three of them are family, religion, and the workplace. Family is the most important of the social agents. A persons coming into society can be a negative one or a positive one and it begins with the relationships that person has at home. A person who is loved and nurtured at home is more than likely to grow into a loving and nurturing person and a productive person in society. A person who is neglected and not cared for at home has a greater chance of being a negative part of society. (Brinkerhoff, White, Ortega, and Weitz, 2011)

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A traditional family consists of a mother, father, and one or more children. More families are raised by a single parent, and in some of those homes the single parent is a male. The effects of a child growing up in a single parent home are low success rate at school, teen pregnancy, and low success rate in the work force. (, 2010) The social agent religion plays an important role on a person’s part in society. Religion gives guidance on appropriate values and behaviors. In the U.S. people 65 or over stated that religion was a part of their lives, and half of the people under 50 said that it was not. (, 2010) Religion in schools has been a hot button issues for years.

While schools can teach religion as an academic to tell the history of religion and use the Bible as a reference, they cannot set aside classroom time for religion, or be involved in organized religion of any particular kind. (, 2004) Socialization in the workplace is important for the economy. Being social in the workplace can make or break an employee or a business. Establishments that isolate certain employees are giving greater chances for retaliation from that employee.

Many disgruntle employees were a Agents of Socialization 4 victim or workplace bullying, a terminated employee, or employee with history of mental illness. Of 4500 workplace fatalities at least 11% of them were homicides. (, 2012) Making the transition from being a drug user to a non-drug user has a drastic change in society. Once a person has been in recovery for drugs they have a better outlook on life. A rehabilitated person will change their working habits, the type of people they are associate with, their living arrangements, and the places they go to socialize.

A person on drugs is more likely to be around areas where drugs are sold or used on a daily basis. That person will work until they have no motivation to or cannot be without drugs long enough to go to work. A person who has an addiction will not keep his or her appearance up and if they maintain a home, they are so consumed in drugs they have no time for upkeep. (, 2011)


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