“The Agony of Christ” Story

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The Agony of Christ is an Epic that star Majid Michel (Jamal/Daniel) and Nadia Buari (Azazi). The setting showcases the art and beauty of African culture. The story set in the village of Ejukorum where human beings are sacrificed by the goddess of the land to appease the gods.

A young man (Majid Michel) was banished from the village while protecting his sisters, returns to preach Christianity to the people and try to liberate his people from the gods. The story also reveals the challenges Christians face while trying to uphold their faith against all odds and the power tussle between Light and darkness. It also tells the agony of parents loosing their children on the same day. The costume showcases the art and beauty of African culture. Some women tied their wrapper from their wrapper from their neck displaying the uniqueness of tying a wrapper, some simply tied from their chest while others tied waste down.

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The men’s costume also depict the African way of dressing, displaying age grade in their dress code with the older men tying wrapper and their younger men putting on leather skirt. The soundtrack synergies with each of the scenes, especially when Jamal (Majid Michel) was in the evil forest pleading with the woman in the evil forest to save him. The soundtrack brings life and suspense to the movie from the thundering of the cloud, to the lightning in the sky, to the sound of the forest, to the sound indicating night, all the sounds synergies with each scene bringing out the beauty of the film.

The Agony of Christ would have been a block buster if the writer did not deviate from the original story of someone being able to stand for Christ; Jamal’s role was change from preaching about his God and liberating his people from the claws of the goddess to being the Christ himself and from there he was changed back to the original story, adapting some of the scenes from “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson. Also some the scriptures quoted does not agree with what they are trying to say, like the scene when they are calling on the people to give their lives to Christ and one of the preachers was quoting those.

Are called sons of God instead of him to quote John3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Scenes were redundant and the ending was unrealistic. It would have been better if the original story was maintained from the beginning to the end. Also their hairstyles do not portray a traditional setting, like the princess and Azazi (Nadia Buari). Despite its fault it’s a good movie coming from the stables of Ghana home video.

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