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Commanding Heights: The Agony of Reform

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A Reaction on “Commanding Heights: The Agony of Reform”

This article is mainly a reaction on a certain scene from the movie Commanding Heights: The Agony of Reform.

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Commanding Heights: The Agony of Reform
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In Chile’s attempt for economic reform, the deregulation of markets and opening up of the economy started. As stated in the movie by Alejandro Foxley, they were “able to anticipate a global trend,” but “at a very high human price.”

Caught by the dialogue, I was able to formulate several questions which react to the scene.

First, what is the purpose of aiming for an economic transformation? Most perceptibly, we would like to give value to economic uplift and stability, free market economy, deregulation of market trades, etc; we would like to participate in the global trend. I agree with this theory of aiming for economic development. So, knowing the goals that we have, what processes, strategies, systems, and laws support the kind of change that we aim for? What implications would the reform make to the different sectors, to the government, and to the society, as a whole?

Taking into consideration that the reform would involve liberalization, privatization, and globalization (LPG), we also have to gauge the familiarity of the people in the country who should benefit from the aimed economic reform.

How prepared are the people in embracing these kinds of changes? There sure would be differences in ways of comprehending these processes, but the general idea they would want to have will be on how they will benefit from these processes.

In the long run, what would it do to the people? How would it affect their everyday lives and their moral, ethical, and cultural grounds? Is it really worth it to sacrifice human beings upon aiming for reform? Is Machiavelli correct in saying that “the end justifies the means”?

Personally, I respect the idea of a growing economy. There should not be homelessness, unemployment, and polarized economic and political power. However, the resolve to gain economic reform often leads to a monopoly of power, where the wealthy grows wealthier and the poor becomes poorer. To add, only a small number of wealthy people benefit from the change as compared to the proportion of those who fall below the poverty line.

What good will an economic reform offer, though, if we have already sacrificed the people whom we aim the reform for?


Cran, W. (Producer and Director). Commanding Heights: The Agony of Reform. London:

Invision Productions Limited.


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Commanding Heights: The Agony of Reform. (2016, Sep 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/commanding-heights-the-agony-of-reform/

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