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Air Canada has implemented the Maintenix software package to solve operational inefficiencies caused by the use of multiple legacy software packages over the last 15 years. The software improves operational efficiency by providing a web-based system accessible to all stations, reducing repetitive tasks and time chasing incomplete information, and facilitating easy sharing of information between maintenance engineering and finance divisions. The Maintenix system supports decision-making in areas such as establishing configuration hierarchy, scheduling maintenance, and managing inventory levels. The software provides information on aircraft components, part relationships, and compatibility rules, line station planning, and inventory management. Maintenix’s effectiveness is enhanced by the use of wireless technology, which ensures that technicians, equipment, and parts are always on the move.

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1) What problems does Air Canada hope that Maintenix will solve? Air Canada wants to solve the use of all the different legacy software packages installed over the last 15 years, the inability of the systems to interact with one another or with finance and inventory systems, the costs on Air Canada and the inefficiencies of these systems were causing, the unprofessionalism that was present in some fields’ maintenance engineering, line maintenance and materials management, and the insufficiency of some other departments because of the heavy maintenance, shop maintenance and finance. ) How does Maintenix improve operational efficiency and decision-making? Matintenix provides a system platform that is accessible via the Web and easy to set up to all stations around the world. It claims that their software reduces repetitive tasks and time chasing of some missing or incomplete information by allowing maintenance, engineering, and finance divisions to easily share information. This assures the improvement of operational efficiency.

Maintenix also supplies data to the company’s existing enterprise resource planning and financial software. Wireless’ use also makes Maintenix more effective, since technicians, equipment, and parts are always on the move. All of the information provided by Maintenix’s various modules is located in one place. This results in more rapid scheduling and avoids drawbacks of poorly organized information systems. 3) Give examples of three decisions supported by the Maintenix system.

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What information do the Maintenix modules provide to support each of these decisions? Maintenix software package consists of 6 different modules which are separate segments of the product and interconnect. The Maintenix engineering model is used to establish and decide about the configuration hierarchy, rules and maintenance program that all of the other modules depend upon. Through this module, the airline can set up a “logical configuration” which provide the following information: aircraft components, part relationships, and compatibility rules.

Line maintenance involves matching a dynamic list of maintenance work requirements against limited resources at varying locations within a flight schedule that is constantly undergoing change. Including line station planning applications that assist in the decisions to schedule maintenance and allocate work based on several information: the capabilities of the line station facilities as well as the aircrafts’ scheduled locations. The material management module helps decide nd work with logically complex process of ensuring availability of parts without overstocking. So it assists in the decisions of inventory levels to ensure that engineers won’t be short on parts at any time. The information and facilities needed for these decisions that are actually provided by Maintenix are actual management of inventory using wireless, automated routine activities, fully integration of airline’s existing inventory management systems.

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